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Managing blood sugar and maintaining normal blood pressure

After the first post on this site, I was following the advice

On the lines of (golden principles) LCHF. Thanks to Mr. ANUP,, Mr. Pollock and others.I

I started taking as below:

In the morning at 6.30 am, I go for a walk almost 5 km daily.

I take herbal tea consisting of 1 tea spoon of saunf + 2 sticks of coriander, ginger, after Boling the above for about 5 minutes I add green tea to the filtered extract. And drink.

1) Break fast -

4 sticks of asparagus, Broccoli, 2 stick of celery,

2 leaves of Kale, lettuce, and one boiled EGG, ALONG with 4 to 5 small pieces of PANEER

At around 9 am.


LUNCH at about 12.30 pm

With one small chapati,

one small bowl Of curd

Vegetables / or chicken boiled with some cloves, black pepper, and green coriander without any oil. After it is cooked I add one spoon of homemade GHEE,

I take lettuce, Kale and finish the same.

I never eat white rice.


At 4. 30pm, one small bowl full of peanut, 4 kaju, 3 acrod,

And then go for walk about 3 to 4 kms.



One small chapati with daal curry and fruit vegetable

I regularly followed the above schedule since last June 2016,

And I could reduce my weight from 179 PONUNDS to

167 pounds.

My fasting blood reduced to 120 from 198

PPBSL is 140

My blood pressure is also normal.

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Good job, also let us know whether you are taking medicines or not??



No medications ()


One Tablet of Gymnastics sylvestre in the evening for last one month.

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even with out any particular diet , reduced consumption of food which amounts to lesser calories coupled with Gymnema sylvester twice daily brings down the sugar level.Gingkobiloba for good circulation and active brain ,Arjuna for good function of heart maintain the health . Gymnema increases the beta cell regeneration .

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It is verified by me that Gymnema , tinaspora ,Aloevera , three herbs put to gether in homeopathic preparation , definitely helps in the regeneration of beta cells .As far as diet is concerned any diet works the same way as long as calories are restricted .TYPE1 DIABETES is totally different malady since it is more of genetic predisposition.Logically speaking it should act the same way even t1diabetes but the environment in t1 diabetes is different where the potentiality for generation of beta cells could be limited due to some genetic defect.This may be a wrong presumption but a probable explanation .


I would suggest that when I come across type 1 diabetic .


buy Gymnema and Tinaspora in a good homeopathy pharmacy and not in any rangatthayya shop , in mother tincture and use atleast for a minimum period of 40 days to verify the result . There is no need to take any other modern medicine . If you are not satisfied you can stop . OWN EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST REPORT AND NOT OPINION.


I am sorry to disagree .


data and numbers are just a different form of expressions which could be due to some other factors by way of omissions or commissions.


A very positive feed back is given by some people about long wheat . So why don't we go for long wheat preparations along with limited amounts of sesame seeds , pumpkin seeds ,muskmelon seeds , pomgranate seeds ,gingelly oil , butter milk , reasonable amounts of coffee ,curds , dal , vegetables which all give the food satisfaction and nourishment . Though the mashed pulp preparation given by sir George is said to be giving speedier recovery , the consumption of long wheat should give some positive reaction , though a bit slow .


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