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Advice needed blood sugars and a1c result please

Hi all

I have been having high bg readings for a couple of years both fasting and 1 and 2 hours after eating. I can be anything from 3.0 to 15.0 throughout the day. Every time I go to the doctor I am told my a1c is normal at 35 so not to worry. I have gone again this week to a new doctor in the practice and have shown her my tracked reading over a two week period and she was really confused as my a1c is still 35.

She is going to talk about my case at the practice meeting next week as she said from my reading I am definitely diabetic but from the a1c I am not.

Has anyone else ever had this? I am feeling worse and worse as the years go on feeling sick all of the time now, tired, on the toilet more than I am off it and drinking loads, I also have numb feet and tingling in my hands and feet as well as feeling really weak which seems to be getting worse.


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It won't hurt to control your carbohydrate intake, keeping to less than 130g per day and eating low Gi

Have you been tested for iron deficiency anaemia for instance, that can affect your A1c? If your red blood cells aren't lasting as long as they should, the reading will be artificially low.


I haven't been tested for that as far as I now, I am on folic acid as my folate is really low and am having tests on b12 as that is borderline and also have Hashimoto's underactive thyroid so not sure if any of that would skew the a1c result.

I am trying to alter my diet at the moment as my cholesterol has come back high on the bad cholesterol's and low on the good cholesterol so I am trying to get that back in range too.


There's a grey area for B12, so if they think you may be borderline ask for the numbers; you want it to be above 400 to be safe, and that could be affecting your haemoglobin too.

The folate could skew your B12 result though.


my b12 is 178 (140 - 724) I'm waiting on an active b12 test at the moment


Thanks for your replies all, the doctors rang me today and said that blood glucose is in the normal ranges and I am not diabetic or pre diabetic. Apparently blood glucose averaging 10 fasting and between 9 and 12 two hours after meals is normal blood sugars for a non diabetic


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