Chest Pain

Recently Iam experiencing a pain on my Chest region. I visited my regular Cardio doctor and after the ECG, he says every thing is normal  and an year back I had a similar Problem and I took Angiogram and the result was normal. And I was told this could be due to GERD / Gastric trouble. Iam taking Pantocid 40mg before food morning / Night everydaym but the problem still persists.

Can anyone had similar issues and any suggestions?????

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  • Morning Vijaytafe,

    I take a tablet of Omeprazole each day to help me.As I take a large amount of medications for different conditions these were having a nasty effect on my system and this is what my doc prescribed.These have worked a treat for me.Ask your GP if they would be suitable fir you given the problems you are having.


  • Thanks, I will check with my GP.

  • Your ECG is normal so is your angiogram. But I think a stress Eco test should be done to rule out angina. Other wise your doctor knows the best.

  • I had a couple chest pain incidents back about 10 years ago. All my tests came back negative for heart problems. We found out it was caused by cervical spine bulges. If you have neck problems check it out.


  • Do a google search for GERD & LCHF, there are links to loads of people taking about how they cured/controlled their gerd with diet.  This might be better for you than a tablet that doesn't work - especially when you check out the side effects.

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