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Fatigue, feeling unwell, urge to eat every few hours

So it started half a year ago, my body has been feeling weird. I just need to eat every few hours, when I say eat I mean I actually need to have a full meal , snack won't help. If I don't eat for long, I would feel very weak and feel like imma going to faint. I make sure I eat every 3-4 hours. But the funny thing is once I had my dinner, usually around 5-6, my body would feel normal again and won't have to eat until morning breakfast. Before I could wait at least 5-6 hours before meal or even longer, now I just need to eat every 3-4. And evmerytime I feel sick or feel like faint I would drink sth sweet like oj. I'd been to so many doctors, all blood tests are normal. I even tried to prick my finger to see if I'm low sugar, it turned out normal again. Endoronlogist thinks I just need to eat more often that's it. I've already gain 20lb because of this. I can't get a diagnosis. Any body ???

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What do you eat please AceKing? Do you have diabetes (being on a diabetes site)? I would guess from your limited information that you are suffering from chronically raised insulin levels; metabolic syndrome. Your blood sugars appear normal only because of the valiant attempts of your behind the scene hormones.


i guess i am not a doctor but your symptoms are similar to what i have myself experienced in past and i believe that everything starts from your mind... over eating could be due to emotional reasons and may be cos of stress and an effect of low life state. After all, in order to prevent this habit, one should definitely start creating a customised method and approach which suits your goal and your current situation. Start by writing what you badly need - what is your burning desire and then follow a diet and have a self-discipline around it no matter what... the enabler here would be your burning desire and you need to ensure that you think about long term pain instead of short-term gain. If you think what i am talking about is making sense - we could talk more about this and in details....


You say you have been tested for everything and it comes back normal? When were you diagnosed with diabetes (assuming its Type 2)? Have you been checked for thyroid or Vit B12 deficiency? There are lots of reasons why you can be eating this way but it is actually beginning to sound like you've got into a routine of it and so your body is continually working to try and digest everything and your gut is very sluggish.

I'd recommend going back to basics, if you are definitely diabetic, go lower (not none at all) carb, I aim for around 150g a day and have good fats like avocado, coconut oil and olive oil. Try to have 3 meals a day and possibly two small snacks but be aware of your portion size. Have a look on the Diabetes.org.uk website where they have some great ideas and information.


Thanks for the replies guys. I am not diabetic, but all the sysmptoms I get point toward diabetes. I feel thirsty all the time, and just today I went out and ran for 20 mins, I had breakfast at 10am, came back it was 130 , so I know I need to eat , I drove to get a chicken salad and on my way back I started feeling sick, I felt like my body ganna shut down, so I went to get a soda and eat chocolate, I felt better after 15 min. It was really bad and I felt tired. I've been to endocrinologist and she just told me I need to eat more frequent maybe 4 meal or eat snack between. It's really hard to lose weight now. Just need to eat every 3-4 hrs.

Yes. I checked thyroid and B12, all normal.

Any suggestion guys?? It's been like this for a year already. Or any suggestion what doc I should see ??


Having the same issues did you ever figure out what was going on or the cause of anything


Hi Aceking,

When all tests are normal, it means you need to look towards alternate therepies like Yoga and Meditation.

Maybe there is something bugging your mind, stress, worry, anxiety etc, that is causing you to go for a sugar high to get over it.

You can start with mindfulness, mindful eating. It is a very simple yet powerful tool. I have been using it for many years now and it works wonders. I am posting a link.


Since you have done all the physical/medical tests, now look towards mind/ spiritual issues and its solutions.

You can try Headspace App or Calm app. You can do some online mindufulness /happiness course.

Try to enrol for a Yoga /Meditation course. You may find solutions.

If you have any queries please feel free to ask.



Did you ever receive a diagnosis. .....what was wrong... having the same problems


This sounds exactly like me... I was diagnosed with PCOS which contributes to insulin resistance.


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