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Hey All.. I am vini 23 year old . I am a diabetic. Got diagnose my diabetes before 1 and half year ago.. I take Human Mixtard insulin twice a day Morning and Night (Before Meal) 25 unit & 15 unit respectively..

My problem is i m very fond of ice creams so its hard to control all this. So yesterday Night i had 2 ice cream (Containing Sugar) and then half "laddu" (Kind of sweet) and then one banana and in dinner i had curry and rice with 15 unit of insulin. and then i slept. in the morning about 7:00 Am i felt i am sweating and anxiety too.. In my head it was like "I had a lot sweets last night so sugar must be high' And then i tested my sugar and it was "79". How is this possible ? And i got checked my glucometer it is still working properly. So can i consider my body has started generate insulin..?? and in future I will be fine I wont even need to take insulin?? Is it possible ?? Please reply soon. i am waiting :)

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  • (1) Diabetes cannot be cured. It can only be managed.

    (2) Being on Insulin, you are either Type 1 or 1.5 (LADA). Check on web about honeymoon period.

    (3) Who has advised you to eat bananas? One of the worse things for any diabetic.

    (4) Ask your doctor to teach you CARB counting and Insulin dosing based on carb in meal. Blind dosing of INSULIN is one of the worst ways of managing diabetes. Pre meal numbers, post meal target, carb count and any exercise should be the basis of dosing.

  • Thanks for replying anup.. :)

    I am type 1 Diabetic . And thanks I've read the article. Though i dint know about that But It is very sad to read that diabetes cannot be cured ..!! Are You Sure..? Because I've seen many cases of diabetes in which they stopped taking insulin and they are living healthy life. Well i am not on my honeymoon period. still i think my body has started generating insulin. or i need to decrease my insulin dose..

    I have some doubts too..

    In that article i read that "It would be a mistake to assume that the diabetes has gone away, however. Basically, type 1 diabetes occurs when about 90 percent of the body's insulin-producing cells have been destroyed."

    But i don't think this is right because one and half year back when i diagnosed my diabetes at that time my insulin does was high i mean i used to take it four times a day.. and now its two times a day . if my body's insulin producing cell are destroyed then how it is possible to decrease the insulin does ?? And let me tell you the insulin dose are prescribed by my doctor nothing is blind doses in my case. And i have no idea about CARB counting.

  • If it's no carb counting then it is blind dosing. So, you may have 40 grams carbs in some meal, 80 grams in other, 100 grams in some other but your insulin dose remains fixed (blind).

  • Oh Yeah You are right.. I Googled this.. It is blind dose :(

  • thank god for that. I can not eat bananas they give me heartburn

  • You have a glucometer and so please check you blood sugar fasting, pp after breakfast,after lunch and before dinner for three consecutive days with fixed quantity of food at each meal. Then only a valid and logical comment can be given.

  • Well Thanks for Replying.. and thanks for suggestions..:) I'll be back soon with result :)

  • The healthy way to control blood glucose levels is not to have too much carbohydrate. Excess insulin is a greater risk to health and mortality than diabetes.

    We crave sweet stuff when our metabolism is out of whack.

    Try having a sensible amount of real, whipped double-cream instead of sugar laden ice cream for example.

  • Thanks for replying :) Well talking about carbohydrate i wish i could control myself to not to have all this.. :( It would be great if you could tell me about milk. i think it contains a large amount of carbohydrate. so i should stop taking this because I've read somewhere that milk can increase your sugar level (20-100) Points. So i think products of milk ( Whipped Cream and ice-cream) Being a diabetic I should forget about this. And "the sugar free tablets are more harmful then insulin ". Can you please tell me about this too.

    "The excess insulin" this is my concern actually i think my body has started generating insulin so i need to decrease my insulin dose. And here I've some hope that my diabetes can be cured soon.

  • Follow this link to find the carb content

    Milk has about 10g carbohydrate per half a pint; some foods are far more carb dense than that; you have to monitor and find how little you need to allow your blood glucose to reduce. However, don't make too drastic a change, especially in the evening without agreeing with your GP to lower your insulin, otherwise you could be putting yourself at risk of hypoglycaemia at night.

    If in doubt, see a health professional.

  • Thanks For The Information :)

  • Yes it's possible to stop the insulin if wants details for that contact at 9011367614

  • Cant You tell me here.. I badly want to stop this..:/

  • Dear Friend,

    You are taking 40 units per day. You could even reduce on if you discipline yourself on the sweet foods you are taking. You are still young and your body is quite active to do physical exercises but please desist taking ice creams and sweets because of the concentration of sucrose in them. Sweating could be a sign of hypoglycemia. The other thing is to properly interpret the readings from your glucometre. Ask a doctor to assist you.

  • Dear Friend,

    Thanks for replying. :) Actually i wish i could control myself as i am trying on this so sooner or later i will start exercising :) And the one question is that " sugar free ice cream is also harmful? " And my doctor told me about hypoglycemia and he suggest me to take long-acting insulin in night. But i prefer this only. :(

  • The cream whether sugar free or not contains milk which can have high or low fat. You know that all form of milk can cause obesity which later is a cause of diabetes. the long-acting insulin is also known as LENTE insulin which to me has always been friendly.

  • Awww Thanks I got your point Now onwards I will keep this in my mind :) So you take Lantus (Long Acting Insulin) ? How much unit? And Is it Benificial..?

  • Look! I 've been on Lente insulin since 1992 and am still strong and lead a normal life

  • Cant we use pump insulin? You know about this?

  • Why would milk increase the risk of obesity more than other foods MATANDA?

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