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BP drop after MRI scan

I had an MRI scan of my back and pelvis early this afternoon. This evening and tonight on checking my BP I had of readings of 90/62 and heart rate 65 and 96/53 81. Last night it was a more normal 136/88 82. I have not had a BP med today as I take it at night.

I don't see how the scan could have caused it. It was rather warm and humid today and with two hours total travel and 2 1/2 hours at the hospital my liquid intake was about three mugs down and my urine output also down.

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I had meant to add that my pacemaker was set to MRI mode for the procedure and that I was in AF during all of it but I did not feel any change in myself though being stuck in a tube for about an hour distracts you from everything.

I had been assured that the hospital followed all of the Boston Scientific protocol for scanning including that the patient must be monitored during the scan by pulse oximetry and/or electrocardiography (ECG). On asking I was told that it was not necessary.


did you have to take a contrast dye? That can cause low blood pressure.


No contrast dye was needed. The old contrast dye (1983) produced a reaction that panicked the girl doing a kidney X-Ray.

After I mentioned that at another hospital even with the new dye a doctor stood by me throughout a CT scan.

This morning my BP was 136/90 77 much lower than my morning usual reading. Last Wednesday it averaged 188/103 76 over three readings.


I figured you wouldn't have but it was worth asking anyway. Did you eat or drink at the hospital or elsewhere whilst you were out? Perhaps it is reaction to something out of the ordinary. Perhaps it is response to the extended session of Afib. Despite being abnormal for you, those figures still fit into the 'normal' range but they don't want to be any lower than 90 really. I would monitor yourself over the next few days for it happening again. For now, keep a record to mention to your doctor during the next visit.

I have a friend with a pacemaker who occasionally has an aberrant reading or two but then goes back to 'normal'. Don't know if this helps ameliorate your concern.

What you could do, to prevent it happening again, is look at things like adding omega 3 (flax seed oil is the highest source but needs to be mixed with something like cottage cheese for it to be absorbed correctly) and reducing the omega 6 in your diet or check out some of the suggestions here askanaturopath.com/faqs/art... or search online for other options.

Next time you to have to go for anything as stressful you could try using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy or lavender essential oil to keep you calm (other oils will also do the job but lavender can be used without needing a carrier oil). The BFRR is marvellous at reducing response to stress (4 drops directly on the tongue and one on the lips works fastest and can be repeated as required). The oil can be rubbed into your temples and along the hair line on the back of your neck.


I just commented but I was not concerned and nothing stresses me.

I had breakfast at 8am with a mug of milk on my serial plus two mugs of tea. Nothing else until a glass of water after the scan around 2.30 then a huge slice of coffee cake and a large mug of tea in Brighton Market (bargain price of £1.85. £4.50 at a café near us) at 3.30 then a banana I'd forgotten to eat earlier on the train coming home so it should have been enough.

I'm in permanent AF but seldom notice it. When I do my BP readings I usually get the irregular heart beat symbol but very

seldom get heart rates rate over 85 though the pacemaker clinic tell me I record readings in the 120's.

I'm sure the lavender would make me sneeze as I have a very sensitive hooter! I had to wait for the scan yesterday as they said that they had to clean the room after the previous patient who had left a terrible smell behind! I said I hoped that they were not using any scented sprays but was told that aerosol cans cannot be taken in due to the magnetic fields.


Oh, wave to my Auntie Ailsa as you go past ;)


Give me her description.


she's the one at the top of Sunnydale Avenue looking confused :)


Nice area but one that you need to be fit to live in. Someone I knew called the steep hill he lived on Heart Attack Avenue.

With todays Moderator posting we will be getting banned for idle chatter.

No play would make this a duller place as Mona Lott used to say in ITMA, It's being so cheerful that keeps me going.

Perhaps Colonel Chinstrap was better with his, I'll have another one.


golly! £1.85 for a cuppa would be enough to put me into Afib let alone £4.50! The way I drink tea, I'd be bankrupt within a week :)

Have you never been able to identify the triggers for your Afib? Has diet never helped? My aforementioned Auntie Ailsa also has it but not to anywhere near the same extent - in fact she wouldn't even have been aware of it if her doctor hadn't told her. I have tried suggesting a change of diet to her but she is way too fond of her 2 for 1 cakes to listen. That Ancel Keys has an awful lot to answer for!!


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