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diabetic retinopathy


I had my last screening recently and just had a letter back saying i have background retinopathy.

I had gestational diabetes during last two pregnancies and was on insulin three times a day.

I am now on metformin twice a day...I do a weekly test at home and my blood sugars are almost always within range.

anyone else experienced similar ?

Only changes have been an increase in 'floaters' in my eyes which I told them about.

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I am also diabetic on insulin and at one time also on Metformin. About two years ago I went for my annual Retinopathy test and was told that there was evidence of background retinopathy. Coincidentally a week later I attended a talk being given by a consultant Eye Surgeon who talked about background retinopathy and told us that it was reversible as long as more attention was paid to blood glucose control. I followed his advice and the next test showed everything good again.

I suppose with this problem it is easier for me since I test three times a day and have more control using insulin (although I would not suggest this as a justification for taking up insulin!).

I wonder whether testing more frequently and adjusting your diet and the quantity you eat might help.

I have no medical qualification just a fellow diabetes sufferer. I would suggest you talk to your GP or Diabetes Nurse telling them of the Background Retinopathy diagnosis

yvonneu in reply to Bumley

Thank you. I will do x

I had diabetic retinopathy some years ago. The doctors treated it to some extent with laser beams. They burnt up peripheral or some parts to save it spreading. I started taking tablets from herbal suppliers called Opti-Vision and it seems they have helped my condition getting stabilized. Of course a reasonable diabetic control is needed as well.

Thank you ....my readings are always within range and I control my diabetes very well. Seeing my doc next week so will see what he suggests x

Regular trips to the optician are recommended. No more than normal. I get a letter each time with background retinopathy. When I ask the operator to see the pics they usually mention the pattern is not exactly the same as previous year's. I'm of the impression that if it needed attention you'd be either called in or it would be discussed at your review

yvonneu in reply to fenbadger

Thank you. That puts my mind at rest a bit !

Mrs daughter in law,suffered this problem during her,pregnancies, but levels reverted after giving birth, which usually happens. She just had to watch her,diet for several weeks. From my own research into eye health after my own vision dropped over 5 prescriptions due to being on steroids, to help with PMR & GCA I found that eating yellow, orange or red foods daily helps keep inflammation down in the veins at the back of the eyes, slowing down damage. These include tomatoes, bell peppers , bananas & spinach (is yellow under magnification) I don't like Bell peppers but try to add a slice to meals daily, spinach is now added to mixed salad leaf bags which makes it easier for me to consume.

yvonneu in reply to BabzAnn

Thank you. That is very helpful x

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