Sick of people's silly wee problems

I am sick of people moaining on about silly wee problems like it's so cold outside, what dress am I gonna wear at weekend I've no make up left etc wish they New what real problems were like depression panic attacks and can not watch cause I feel like I'm gona choke! I actually get so angry I could I punch them and saying this is a problem you can fix I can't fix my depression. Just angers me so much people with it all are never happy always want more, and us on here would do anything just to be cured from our mental illnesses :(


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26 Replies

  • Tell me about it. Iv had depression for so long I don't no what normal is anymore . I don't think there is such a thing as cure. Take care x

  • I agree that so long as we are alive there is always likely to be someone worse off, but when soomeone is already feeling awful it does not help them to be told that. At those times they are hoping to have understanding of how they are feeling not what they should be feeling.

  • The thing is the people who moan about trivial things havnt got a care in the world. Yes I have a home, water, money, food, children, a husband etc but I'm suffering from trauma, panic attacks, anxiety because I was knocked down aged 10 scars all over my body, my brother inlaw killed himself that April in a forest took us 4hours to find him and my dad has never wanted to know me my life has been pretty tough. I know there people worse off than me maybe with not having money but I would swap my life with them just to be normal again to be able to eat food and stay out of hospital. Life is tough sometimes but we need to look to the good.

  • I agree with the guy on the bike. One person's crap could be another person's happiness . I consider a bad day to be one spent staring at the housework in tears. Someone who self harmed the night before might be quite happy to only get as low as crying.

  • I will swop with you Annie. I too suffer from depression and anxiety but haven't got a partner or children. I have nothing and no one who cares.

  • Hi Annie

    I understand you I've suffered Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks from 19 years agk to this very day. Each time I get a bout of depression or Anxiety & Panic Attacks it gets worss more darker & harder to recover than the last time. I wish I was normal enough to worry about what dress I'm gonna wear etc. I cant even go out to be able to worry about these things. & I also find that they are the type of people who say "Oh give yourself a shakd & you'll be alright".

    When your fedling so low & everything is so dark & panic attacks come out of nk-where it is very hard to think of people in 3rd world countries who would swap to have what we have.

    Yes I feel sorry for those poor people & yes adverts I watch with starving children with flies in their eye very disturbi g but that is not our figbt & its not what we think of when at our lowest. That is the concern of that Country. Yes I give to charities for people like that & I could geg into a whole debate aboug how.much you give to a charity to how much of your money actually reaches those poor people.

    For the cyclist to say that, he obviously does not suffer a severe mental health problem & notice that we ourselves are living in a country wigh a government intent on demoralising the sick & vulnerable. Charity begins at home.

    I truely understand where you are coming from & that we fight each day to try to be a "normal" person to be able to worry about such trivial matters as what to wear. I find it very hard to leave the house never mind worry about another countries problems.

    Maybe the Cyclist should get into politics instead of pointing out what we know & is beyond our control with trying to fight our own demons & our government.

    Take care.

    Best wishes.


  • Its good to have a forum to vent your frustration and anger.

  • Thanks Jackie only we know what it's like to suffer from depression anxiety and panic attacks. These people commenting to me obviously don't get it. Hypercat I will swap with you I love my children and husband but life is very hard!

  • My life very hard too. Swap done.

    Bev x

  • This site is about depression if you don't get it then don't comment on my posts!

  • Hi Annie

    I agree with you that when I'm feeling depressed then other people's concerns often feel so minor by comparison and make me feel so angry. I've been depressed on and off for most of my life, it's less now at times than in the past, but still rears its head and leaves me feeling despair and phoning Samaritans, but the one thing I've found helpful is to discover not just what makes me angry now but what has made me angry over the years

    Depression is often a response to an acculation of so much helplessness and hurt going back over many years so that getting angry about things now offers temporary relief but doesn't get rid of the depression. When do you first remember feeling depressed, what hurt you then, why aren't you angry about that?! Forgive me if you don't believe depression is the result of past experiences, it's not an explanation that everyone shares but if it does make sense to you then why not try getting in touch with MORE anger, but about the things you need to be angry about. What led to you being a depressed person? I now know how depressed I have been from being a baby. I know that for me my depression was about having a mother who was lovely but always seemed exhausted and didn't really have time for me, a father who was a critical perfectionist for whom I could never be good enough, a smug sister who was the little goody-goody in the family and treated me as if I was stupid when in fact I'm highly intelligent and more 'real' than her, sexual abuse by my uncle, social isolation.... the list could go on - but the point is that I found being angry about those things did alter my depression. I still get depressed at times but quite differently and for relatively short periods, days or hours rather than endlessly or for years or months. I found writing my life story, typing it like a long blog but for myself rather than other people, helped me. I gradually added more and more detail, took it to a therapist when it was 13 pages of typing, now it's 27 pages long and I know my story, I feel more at peace, generally less angry and less depressed although I can still get angry in response to realistic frustrations and do sometimes still briefly feel despair. It's just an idea, feel free to ignore my ramblings if they are not helpful.


  • Good post Sue x

  • Hi sue thanks for your thoughts. Xx

  • It sounds like staying rational is very important to you but I wonder what the cost is of not allowing yourself to feel the extent of your depression, perhaps you are scared that if you do not think positively you will never get out of the depression. Not everyone is the same and although it is good to hear what works for you it might have been better to have tried to be helpful in a more empathic way.

  • Totally agree with you as usual Sue. You are brilliant!

    Bev xx

  • Atallcyclist no1 is judging you on Here you are judging us. This site is for depression you come on here tell us our problems are not that bad. But how would you know if you do not suffer from a mental illness yourself? I wrote this comment and plenty of people on Here relate to me no and know what I mean no need to go into politics.

  • Atallcyclist no1 is judging you on Here you are judging us. This site is for depression you come on here tell us our problems are not that bad. But how would you know if you do not suffer from a mental illness yourself? I wrote this comment and plenty of people on Here relate to me no and know what I mean no need to go into politics.

  • Just a thought Annie: Maybe those people who can't find a dress to wear or who complain that its cold outside or other 'minor' trivialities cannot speak about what their real problems are. It might be more helpful to them to try and find whats underneath this and what their real problems are? Rather than having a go at them.....

    Bev x

  • I agree with you absolutely Bev, anyone who writes on this website will have some difficulties with depression otherwise they wouldn't spend their lives writing here. Suex

  • Hi bev they seem to have perfect lives in the outside but I no1 has the perfect lives so maybe they are trying to cover their real problems by moaning about silly things in life. X

  • My point exactly annie x

  • My comments are being heavily misinterpreted and for that reason I have removed them, and will refrain from posting on this thread in the future. If I caused a negative vibe here it was certainly not my intention. I close by reiterating that at no time was I prejudging any of you, or diminishing the significance of anyone's condition.

  • Atallcyclist no offence taken.

  • Atallcyclist no offence taken.

  • Yeah and I for one wasn't judging you cyclist. Its quite easy for remarks to be taken in the wrong way but I don't, and I am certain others don't either, think badly of you because of that. Don't forget we all know that mental health problems can sometimes make you over sensitive. If we all departed because of this there would be no one left!

    Please reconsider and stay. There is great strength in diversity. I think you could add a lot to this site. I am tall as well and used to be a cyclist! :)

    Bev xx

  • I hate it when idiots say "just think positively"..I say no its more then that,but i understand what your saying,.....doughnuts

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