Bad Day feeling low

Woke up this morning in a bad mood and feeling very emotional. I'm off work this week and I think that's part of the problem......went back to work in January and its been full on and none stop and I have loved it. But now I have all this time to myself again its getting me down. Trying to keep busy and get out for walks but feeling very low.


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  • Hi daffodils, are you off for just the week or tbc? Could you do some volunteer work? Or meet up with friend or family? Are there any heritage sites or galleries you might be interested in near you? A chance to catch up on any housekeeping etc? Perhaps if you try and think of all the things you'd normally put off you realise you have a few things on your 'to do' list that you hadnt got around to until now. You could ponder around the local charity shops one day and stop for tea. Do you have any pets to keep you company? Hope you're doing ok x

  • Oh and i forgot to say, baking is fun! Why not give that a go. Or try something new in a cook book for dinner

  • Hello, I decided to get the paint brush out!!!! but it has helped a little. I'm only off work for a week just using up the rest of my holiday before the new leave year. I think tomorrow I will go the cinema to see Le Mis. Unfortunately I don't have many friends here and no family so I do feel very isolated at times. But you are right just pondering round the shops, especially the charity ones as you never know what you are going to find. thankyou

  • No problem, i hope the week goes better than you're expecting and we'll 'be here all week' if not! :)

    Galleries, museums and heritage sites are full of people going for a wonder so dont worry about being on your own. You could see whats on at your local leisure centre? Might be some fitness classes you'd like to have a go at.

    Painting is fabulous, its the opposite of calm for me but im jealous of anyone with the talent! I tend to make cards when im feeling creative (its the best i can muster) and then at least when i forget birthdays and ocassions i have a go-to pile!

    Les Mis is awesome, thats definitely a good idea. Life of Pi 3D is supposed to be good too and if you want an epic cry then see Impossible, im hoping to catch it tomorrow night, apparently they have to warn you about how upsetting it is!

    You could always see if you could get a coach somewhere to stay overnight, Windsor Castle is a great day out, if you do make it go to 'the crooked house' tea shop too, its very cute and a bit odd! x

  • thankyou again. Its keeping busy that takes my mind off things. Sitting on the sofa at night feels the worse. I try and keep my mind busy by reading and watching comedies on tv, anything to put a smile on my face. I have always been the one to sort out everyone else problems so its hard having to sort my own out.

  • Are you from Wales daffodils? X

  • Good morning, no I live in wet and windy Wiltshire x

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