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Hi guys just a little update, I'm a few days into seeing psychiatrist and crisis team, I donot think ive known anything sooooo difficult, ive told them my thoughts and feeelings to a point(them and me don't want to rush things) and I feeeel completely like I'm out of my body looking in, I hate what I see, eve some family pics ive blackened my face out because what I see isn't me anymore and that scares.

I'm down to see the team again tmorrow morning, they said we can leave u for a day if u want a rest, I said no I need to see someone as much as poss otherwise its too lte.

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  • That is really awesome that you keep going with it even though I know how hard it can be to keep going when you feel so lost, that takes a lot of courage and you should be proud of yourself. Hang in there it will get better!

    Hugs and keep us posted

  • Thank you for the update. I have been wondering about you.

  • I saw the crisis team for a month, and it was exactly what I needed during the worst point of my depression. Listen to them, and keep up the hard work.

  • Well done you! Keep up the good work! Wishing you good luck and success for the future xxx

  • Hey thanks for the replies, i just need somwhere i can attend like group sessions etc while im on this waiting list for talking therapies, i need to fight the depression so i need to feel lile im doing somthing like group sessions or whatever is available in my area, tyne and wear, instead of sitting at home extremely emotional and low.

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