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Christmas message to all X

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Happy Christmas and a happy new year everyone

Keep safe and stay well

Lots of love Ed Sheeran


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Happy Christmas and 🥳 happy new year!!

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Edsheeran1 in reply to Foggy123

Hope you have a good one xx

Hello Pet

I hope you have a Merry Happy Christmas and a Prosperouse Health New Year.

Lang May Your Lumb Reek


Hello how's you and yes merry Christmas to you as well hope you have a good one and hope we all don't go into lockdown again. X

merry Christmas to you as well.

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Edsheeran1 in reply to kenster1

Have a good one. Hope your son enjoys he's self x

It is hard to say although I do feel that may happen after Boxing Day, it may extend through New Year from the 27/12. They may need a period to clear the hospitals as the new virus although not as serious ?, will still be taking beds for other acute and chronic illnesses.

Getting treatment done at this time is a real problem so to clear beds will allow Wards to take in other Patients They are at the moment I understand 50% of Staff have been infected since the beginning of the virus.

I have a tentitive appointment in the eye department to get my operations. They had actually managed to get me on a further hospital list fifty miles from the preferred hospital a further fifty miles from home. I will need ambulance car go and return after each operation. This is down to hospitals just dealing with the COVID VIRUS.

It may be also the case where the virus will mutate again so that again may force a further lockdown.

Like me I feel we need to take the good with the bad


Merry Christmas!

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Edsheeran1 in reply to 88cev88

Have a great day, and I will message you all soon xx

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88cev88 in reply to Edsheeran1

You too! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Edsheeran1 in reply to 88cev88

Ok I will PM you xx

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