Update. Doctors today have decided to put me on daily meds. That was fine by me. I had my melt down just b4 at my mums graveside. But tonight my partner, sorry ex partner has decided he can't handle me overdosing any more. I am now homeless and just don't no what to do. Things was looking up, now I feel my world has fallen apart. I just want my mum!!!!! I need her loving arms around me. I don't no what to do 😭😭😭😭

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  • So sorry for the loss of your mum. Do you have any family or friends you can stay with until you get a bit better again? When you are at your lowest it's true you really do find out who your real friends are. He should be helping you and supporting you not making things worse.

  • Claire, are you able to stay with your dad for a short time until your meds kick in at least? Alternatively, is there an extended family member on your mum's side you can call? Your meds need to kick in because at this point I don't think it's wise to be alone.

    I don't know if this is a good idea or not but I'll throw it out there: what if you used your ex's apare bedroom if all else fails ... just for the SHORT term?

    All those things that I mentioned in my previous post need to be implemented so that you can get better. BUT, you need a roof over your head first.

    I'm not from the UK so I don't know what emergency housing services are in place but there must be something surely. You also need someone to advocate for you. Am hoping someone here will be able to provide UK based emergency resources for you.

    Things will get better Claire. Ride this one out. Stay with your Dad until your meds kick in and then one step at a time.

    Keep updating please so that we can continue to help.


  • Hi claire i feel your pain i lost my mum last september and yes its hard but your mum will be with you everyday ! I dont know about you but all everyone seems to tell you is you will get over it what a load of it you learn to life with you grief an try to focus on your good times with your mum !claire regards you being homeless try your local council explaining you circumstances ! Also try your local mental health team they also might be able to help point you in the right direction i truely wish you well david x

  • On here you will receive love, kindness and support. You are not alone when there are people who care. Even scientists at the Max Plank Institute have now said there is a further life supported by Quantum Physics theory (not that I can understand all that, or any of it). But it's good to know your Mum's still around. And she wouldn't want you to be so upset, but to try and be a bit calm so she can be with you in spirit and also be relaxed by you being calm. If you close your eyes you will feel her arms around you hugging you, and she will always be with you as a loving spirit. Is there a YWCA near you where you can get a room whilst you begin to get a bit calmer? Everyone here loves you; you are worth it as the old advert says: and you know what_ It's true; you are. Good luck- keep in touch

  • Hello Claire 105

    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of you dear Mum and that you are having such a difficult time with your life. I'm will be messaging you privately shortly but in the meantime, this is for you huge {{{hugs}}}


  • Do you have somewhere to stay now?



  • Staying with a close friend till Wednesday morning, then my car it is, I've already set up my bed.

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