Sexual harrassment

Hello everyone. Its me again. In regards to my ex-boyfriend who was sexually abusive, is there any way he could have molested me in my sleep? We slept together a few times without having sex and he would touch the edges of my breasts and genitals. I still consider that sexual harrassment. Do any of you think he might have flat out explored my body while i was asleep? I am a heavy sleeper so im thinking he might have been able to do this without me waking up. Sorry if im upsetting anyone with this post.

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  • Maybe youre right. I just wanted to see if there were any other underlying causes for my PTSD symptoms. How r u holding up anyway?

  • Youre right. I have been slacking on the exercise lately.

  • Quite right don't start worrying about things which you dream up in your mind

  • Ok. I wont worry about it anymore.

  • Good, it's the same type of story as to when someone thinks their drink has been spiked. Impossible to prove and just makes things bad when thinking of the possibility. So keep safe and keep happy



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