To people who are like me,

Could you tell me wether anyone found the Stepps program helpful for the condition, as ive been through so many programs that they all repeat the same basics, over and over, all its doing is annoying me none of it works, ive even had accpuncture, when i have what i call mini breakdowns in the middle you cant just stop and start deep breathing! And as i have anger issues too, im not very patient either!


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2 Replies

  • Hi,

    I don't have BPD, but have been through a Stepps programme. To me it seemed more like a CBT type programme. Not sure what you've been through before. What does your physchiatrist recommend?

    Sorry, this is probably not very helpful. Hope you find an appropriate programme.

    Take care, Catherine.

  • I don't know what the Stepps program is but I have BPD and I know that it is biochemical and requires medication. I spent a good deal of the beginning years of my diagnosis trying to deal with it sans meds hoping to get pregnant and ended up in the hospital as a result. Every unhealthy episode takes its toll on the brain. I even had ect believing it was the end all cure, do NOT do that!!!!! Some people claim strides have been made with magnets. (?). I hate when it is compared to diabetes, people with diabetes discuss their ailment over lunch in mixed company and at job interviews. I compare it to riding an invisible wild mare bareback that wreaks havoc while I hang on for dear life. I'm left apologizing for the devastation left in it's wake although I had no control over it! I lose lifelong friendships and I don't even understand why! My medication is the tack, the saddle, the reins, the stirrups, the strap that keeps the horse from bucking. It's still a rough ride, the horse is still invisible, but at least now I have some control. It took me many years to get on a cocktail that works best for me with the least side effects, and I supplement with Excersize, love and faith in the true God, and support of a loving family.

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