Why is it so hard to put things into words?

So I just came across this site in hope that maybe it might in some way make me feel slightly better somehow. I guess I'm kind of desperate now. I never post anything anywhere about my mental health and even now while I'm writing it I'm worrying about posting it and what even to write even though there's so much going on in my head

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  • Just remember to relax. It's the first time I'm on here too. Maybe talking to other people who are going through something similar as you might help. Maybe there are techniques that you haven't tried but others have. We aren't all monsters, if you give one of the posters a chance, it might help. I have anxiety issues as well, you can talk to me, if you want. I might not understand you better than others but I have gone through hell and back.

  • Hey, I'm new on here too, I understand your desperation, I've been trapped in my own head for months, unable to string my thoughts into sentences. But just knowing that people care, have been through similar things, that they want to see you get better, that they're there when you need has already brought me a lot of peace and hope, I'm sure it will for you too. Just let your thoughts out, one by one so that you don't get overwhelmed. Choose a problem and talk about it, and someone will have had the same problem and an experience with solving it. It might feel impossible to get better now, but in time you can work through your issues with others and come to terms with your mental health. Let me know if you need to talk, I'm here for you :)

  • Welcome TC, You are safe here. We have to write how we really feel or people won't be able to help, and we get a little bit of everything.

    I know those whirling thoughts, and the fear, it's exhausting isn't it? Have you been seen by a Doctor ? It's good to get a diagnoses then you'll be able to start getting rid of this problem. Anti- depressants and therapy worked for me and now it's manageable .

    In the mean time there is support and information here, and you'll know you're not alone.


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