Struggling with partner understanding my anxiety

Hey I was wondering how many others struggle with partners not understanding and help with helping them understand even when I explain something I'm doing I feel will help my anxiety he still doesn't see the point in me doing it makes me feel like giving up on trying to help myself makes me feel silly and pathetic x

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  • Unless you have been through any kind of mental health issue yourself, I'd say it is impossible to understand and have any kind of is only those who have gone through the same that have an inkling of the struggle those who suffer with anxiety, depression, etc. go through. Keep strong and believe in yourself; do whatever it takes to help you through...


  • Hi you are not being silly and pathetic - never let anyone deny your true feelings. If he refuses to understand that's his problem not yours. Can you find some simple information for him on the net which he can read? Something short to get him started. x

  • Hi

    I don't know about anyone else, but I do. My hubby is if it's not there or happening don't worry about things. I've tried to explain that I don't want to be depressed and worry over things, but can't help it. It's not a choice I can make. I also have health issues, which don't help with my moods. I'm on anti depressants which do help and I try very hard to,stay positive, but sometimes I can't and do feel I could do with a hug or extra support.

    Having said that I do understand that for people who don't suffer and have life's problems, work etc, it must be hard for them to understand us. Every so often I have to remind him of these things and that even though I might act ok I'm not always coping.

    None of us have a crystal ball and do have to talk to eachother and try to understand how we all feel inside.

    Wishing you good luck and best wishes.

  • Thankou all for your advice and support , I suppose after time he will adjust a bit more but your right it is hard to have empathy for things you haven't experienced I feel a lot stronger now to keep doing it my self regardless of how much he understands bat least he stands by me AF loves me and that pushes me :) thankyou everyone wish you all the best xxx

  • Not an uncommon thing. I lost a partner due to PTSD and recently a partner due to depression. It is ignorance and stigma I am afraid. People need to be educated. You are not alone.

  • hi, i no exactly wot u mean, iv had no support at all from my husband or sons, im 51 and av deprestion and anxiety, infact we av just split up because i feel pathetic with my anxiety and think people think i should get a grip ! i dont want people in my life who cant suport or understand me, its the worst thing i av ever had, feels like iv changed into a totaly different person, wont go out of house, dont let people cum to see me, dont answer phone, want to be alone, and i have always been a people person an liked a laugh, wud stay in my jimjams all day if i didnt feel guilty for doing

  • I'm sorry to hear you have recently gone tgroufgba break up it just adds to the depression and its hard to help yourself sometimes without the right support network do you have any other help like support worker or counsellors ? You need support and you are not alone drop me a message when your feeling blue always an ear here to listen to you xx

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