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Really struggling with anxiety


Hi all, I’m having some issues with mind blank. My mind feels empty yet it feels heavy, I have anxiety and I have been going to the gym to get rid of the adrenaline because I was having panic attack’s every few days. Because of the gym I felt myself again for 2 weeks and now the physical symptoms have gone but the mental part has come back and I’m always worrying about my health like I feel symptoms related to a disease so I think that I have it and it’s hard to convince myself otherwise. I’ve tried mindfulness and it hasn’t worked so I’m waiting for CBT. Does anyone know what I can do in the meantime to make me feel myself again, I’ve had enough of feeling empty and forgetful and worrying about everything

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Hi and welcome Aidan, this is a caring and supportive community with like minded members who I am sure feel for you at this time. I am sorry you didn't find the mindfulness helpful perhaps the Cognitive behaviour will. It is always good to keep an open mind to these strategies, maybe some of our members have some tips for you in the meantime.

Have you looked at the 'section 'pinned posts' Aidan?

Over to you guys? can you help at all please, any suggestions would I am sure, be welcome.

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

Your CBT will help you to address your problems. However only you can help yourself with encouragement from your Therapist.

Consider splitting your problems into small bites, address each small bite and move on through your problems the same way.If you get stuck move onto another of your problems and address that one the same way until you have managed your concerns.

This way will encourage you and give you confidence to get on with your life and activities


Thank you for the response so far. I just don’t get why I feel like this, everything feels like it’s at the back of my mind even if I’d just done something. Feels like my cognitive function has got worse which is a worry of mine but maybe it’s just the anxiety?

have you seen a therapist? Trying to figure things out on your own is very difficult.. please see one. Perhaps they can can help you pinpoint what your going through? I have a friend who was going through a few things you mentioned.. like worrying about her health, forgetful, depression and anxiety. She is on medication now. andcit heloed her a lot.i can say what she’s diagnosed with but it’s not up to me to say what you might be going through. I’m not a doctor.. but I highly recommend you see a therapist and a psychiatrist.

Thank you for the reply. I feel like I’ll have to see one. I’m trying to get better but my brain won’t let me. I’m also suffering from dissociation where I don’t feel real and I’m in a dream sometimes

Glad to hear you ready to see a good doctor., it can make a big

difference for you..

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