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Hi guys names jonny am 31 years old am on breaking point had my own business plastering but lost license due to having to many drinks at Christmas lost my business now am breakingp point not sleeping taking panic attacks not wanting to try work snapping at wife then breaking down also had thoughts on ending my life but trying to hold it together for my kids sakes I've started taking sertraline 50mg doctor put me on am on my 3rd day but still feeling low all time I've been taking long walks with my dogs but always panic and can't think to good need advice any 1 else had this problem


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  • Hi Jonny nice to meet you. Well done as you have done the best thing you could in going to see your doctor as so many people (especially men) won't go because they would feel weak and ashamed of themselves. We all know here that's not true.

    It's also good you have joined this site as we all understand depression and we will help and support you as much as we can.

    I am on sertraline and find it works well for me. It will take around 3-6 weeks to get fully into your system and then you should start to see a difference. Have hope this will happen when you feel very low.

    Did your doctor organise any counselling for you? A 2 pronged attack is usually the best way to tackle issues. x

  • Hi thanks this group really good for talking when your so low no doctor didn't ask about councling,am finding sleeping really hard at min trying to focus also swet loads even walking the dogs to try keep active isn't working for me 😵

  • Hi Johnny and welcome to our friendly Action on Depression Forum. I'm sure our members will be offering support and helpful information soon, Take care


  • Hi Johnny

    Sorry to hear abou your bad year.

    Every med takes time to work, it has to build up in your system. Don't dorget you've just started and may need a stronger dose or even try another type if you feel these arnt helping. It took me a few tries on different ones before I found the right ones.

    You're doing the right thing though and getting help. Maybe talking to a councellor might help you get things into perspective? You could ask your GP.

    You, obviously realise that by doing something silly and trying to end it all isn't the answer. Not many people realise that it doesn't always work and you could be left seriously ill and in a whealchair. That happened to someone I know and it makes things worse. It's also not fair and effects loved ones badly. You've made the right choice, to fight back and get help!

    If you're trying and helping yourself, like you are doing, it will give you a much better feeling about yourself and once the meds help then you'll feel even better.

    This isn't the end, but a new chapter. You have a skill people want and need, so I'm sure you'll get work when you're ready to.

    Keep occupied and positive and good luck.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Hi Jonny I'm sorry your going through such a tough time, losing a job is very tough and most people would be in bits. Your going through a bad patch for sure but you know this will pass and you will get back to normality. It's very understandable that you feel snappish. Your wife must be very worried too, try and be kind to each other and when the Meds kick in you should begin to settle down. .

    Your wife and kids need you, so don't ever forget that. Lean on us for support and we will do our best to help you. It's a great Forum and use it and you can vent here to your hearts content.

    Jonny take care and hope to talk to you again.


  • Thanks Hannah am trying my best just on a reall low at min the wife pushing me to join the gym but I've no interest at all trying to push my self back to work is bloody hard when ur use to working for urselfs so long now money problems kicking in feel hopeless 😵

  • Presumably you can still work, but need transport. Is there any possibility of working with a partner who can drive/ has a van. Can anyone help you with the transport problem? Medication should help, keep busy with the dogs etc, checkout mood gym on Google. Keep active exercises. Don't drink or take illicit drugs.

    Good luck. Hopefully this is just a bad patch that you look back on and learn from.


  • Hi Dave

    I haven't touched a drink since losing the license I've asked everyone have they any work it's tuff over here in northern Ireland been of work has sent me even worse now panic about everything over thinking everything even walking dogs isn't helping me

  • A skilled chap like yourself should be very useful to someone

    You have to get back into a good routine, preferably with a job. Keep looking

    Good luck

  • It's pushing myself again with going into panic mode thinking am not doing my job rite

  • I went off work for about a year, but found the time off was not really helpful and I have returned to work in a much less stressful type of job. The routine is helpful and it gives some positive feedback.

    Could you start in a low key way?

  • The wife has put me on income support as my heads a mess can't focus panic all time just not a nice feeling this and there not much jobs were I live with out having license

  • Voluntary work, I would have thought they would be Ken for your help

  • Hi Jjb30, when the panic sets in it's hard to get out of that mode, have you not got a good buddy that drives you can maybe start again with him. I know how you feel about not wanting to excersise or such like it's not that easy. I hope you manage to get back on your feet again and things turn out good for you. Take care 👍🏼

  • Hi Robbie thanks for that just taking 1 day at a time going have to stop stressing myself out think that's what's setting panic attacks there bloody scary, I can't even focous plastering at min going to try look for a new job bit less stressful plastering is very tuff on body been doing plastering since I was 15,was talking to a good friend he's been talking to me cause he went threw same problem.😱

  • Hi just taking one day at a time is a start, I've only had one real panic attack I thought I was dying never had anything like it before and thankfully haven't since, but do suffer anxiety disorder which is bad enough. I'm glad you have a friend who knows exactly what you are going through, it lifts a load sometimes to share. I hope you are seeing your Dr just now and your signed off sick so as you can have breathing space and try and get yourself back on track. Look back on what you've done as a learning curve, thankfully you didn't hurt anyone so that's a positive and its past tense now, think what can I do now ?. Please don't think I'm such a positive person and my glass is half full all the time ( couldn't be further from the truth) but I'm trying to change my thinking to positivety not always working but when it does, life is good. It's up to us how we use it. I wish you well and take care.

  • Yes Robbie,I agree with you was a stupid mistake but had my reason sister was in hospital at time but I wasn't thinking,now am paying the price my own fault just hopefully pass this dark spell and it gets easier on it,hope you feel better soon mate

  • The dark spell will pass it's just horrible while your in it. It's horrible you only see the negatives and that's when it's at the bleakest you feel so down. I hope your sister is ok now and you keep positive as your family need their husband, daddy brother, and son. On a positive note you found this site and no matter what time night or day someone will be here if you need to talk. Take care 👍🏼

  • Hi, Sertraline takes 2-3 weeks to kick in and if you still feel low, stressed after that time ask for an increase. That then takes another 2-3 weeks. Stick with it because sertraline is actually one of the best for anxiety and mood swings.

  • Thank you yea need to give a good go hate these feelings and panicking all time

  • Praying For You, I'll wrestle Your Feelings If Poss. Please Keep Me Up-To-Date With How Things Are Going. I find, when I'm anxious, it's best to Sit Still, and resolve the matter, I Do This Through Prayer, And Same When I get panicky, tonnes of thoughts running through My Head. It's just best to sit Still And Talk To God About It. Sometimes, just A Listening Ear Is Good. Sometimes, God Talks Out of suicide. Too much pain? The feelings, Bad Or Good, Are More Intense, After death, And There Are No 'shortcuts' To Heaven. That's What God Told Me, When I told Him, I was scared what the staff at the psychiatric unit might do to me. He Also Told Me, there's no (bad thing) so bad, that could happen, that God couldn't Restore (Me From).

  • I hope My last reply Helps. One Of My Friends Texted Me, So It Cut Me off short. Still Praying For You. This friend drank too much, because he thinks he is going to have no job, or has no job.

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