Am shattered after phased return to this usual?


Normally I work 3 full days a week, but I've just gone back this week on a month's phased return, after 3 and a half month's sick leave because of depression and anxiety. For my first week I only need to be at work 3 hours per day. The thing is today was my second day back and I feel absolutely worn so tired, I just want to fall asleep. Is this normal?


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  • Yes very common. Thats the point of a phased return. Depression and anxiety can really wipe you out, but now you need to rebuild fitness to get back into life and living. It will be hard work probably

    Good luck


  • Yep completely normal. You have been off a long time but you will get used to it again, it just takes time. x

  • Hi

    I'd say it was to be honest.

    I think most people find getting back hard and tiring.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Just keep listening to yourself, you will know if you can handle your workload. No matter how few hours or how small it may seem, if you are simply not ready to return to work then you are not ready. Your health is of utmost importance. You're no good to anyone if your sick!

    It might get easier, it might not. It depends on if you have developed better coping mechanisms and are well rested enough after your time off. One month may just not be long enough for you.

    Speak to your doctor/therapist about it if you have one and consider all your options. Like I said, only you know how you feel about your job and how much you can handle, and you owe it to yourself to honour your needs at this time. Just because depression is not a tangible thing doesn't mean you are not injured, and if you were to return to early to work with a broken leg for example you would just end up damaging it more. Take care:)

  • This is just how I feel. I am two weeks in to a phased return after a month off with stress and today has just been awful. I feel so tired, so emotionally exhausted and so low I keep bursting into tears. It's a really difficult time isn't it. It's almost harder than being off. When you're off you feel rubbish but can focus on looking after yourself and feeling better, but this phase feels hard because it takes so much energy to actually mend. Look after yourself, get some rest and give yourself a hug ✋🏻...........✋🏻.

  • I felt like crying is feels like everyone around me is just getting on with things and I am getting more and more left behind...

  • But maybe I am being too hard on myself and expecting too much of myself...Good luck on your journey back xx

  • Thanks Anna. How's it going? What sort of hours are you managing to do now?

    I've extended my period of half days and think it was starting to pay off but today feel absolutely shattered, just steam rollered. Had to really push myself to do a couple of things which often make me feel better.....tried bit of gardening then played my clarinet for a while.

    Remember to be kind to yourself xx

  • Hi there..I am doing 6 hours a day, I work part-time, so 3 days in total. Next week I am back to my usual hours (9-5) and I feel quite apprehensive about how I will cope, especially as they give me more responsible work to do...I am very self-critical and that holds me back too. But I think once I start back on regular exercise that should help my mood..I do need to remember to be kind to myself. I am my own worst enemy! xx

  • Thanks for all your replies...I am just going to see how I feel over time..I feel strange being back and full of self-doubt and anxiety..maybe it will get better, as I get used to working again. Really hope so.


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