Hate the last few days been so down feeling depressed and breathless hate this im overweight but i dont know if its my.weight thats causing my problem ! I just wish my good spells would last longer just got asked to day if i was feeling well but was down find it hard to smile.at times so fed up im not working just now due to a disability sorry if ive been so negative david x


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  • Hey Celtic, It's me again. I didn't realize we have so much in common like diabetes 2 , high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and breathlessly overweight. Did I forget anything, oh yes, I also have Osteoarthritis. Sometimes I have a lot of pain and swelling in my knees so my walking is limited. I am 69 so older than you. I'm really cheering myself up here. I've told my kids if anything else goes wrong they are to hit me in the head with a hammer.

    I have always been active so the hardest part for me is keeping my mind busy and being nice to people. I can get in awful moods and I try to train myself to find the positive. I don't want to feel so alone, or to be rude to people, and I know it's my problem. No one else can do it for me. This is probably the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Am I up for it? I say YES. Sometimes I have to remind myself every 10 min, but I still say YES. You too? Pam

  • Pam i forgot ive got osteoporosis in my spine and in my right hip as if everything else wasnt enough ! I believe you are a positive person. As this comes over in your posts ! Regards age i may be younger but youve worn it better than me ! Peachy keep your dittys and laughter will follow. David x

  • Well there's not a quick easy answer and some of it is coming to terms with yourself and your situation, but if you can find some chink of positiveness

    I was reading about opposite action dbt.


    How about giving it a go?


  • Hi goldfish thanks for taking the time to answer my post !thanks for the site nowmattersnow.org/skill/opp will give it a try david

  • HI Ya Dave, I've been looking for a believable explanation for depression , I don't believe because my Mother made me wear wet socks that I grew up to become depressed.. This quote explains how I feel about it and i would like your opinion. It's by Albert Ellis.


  • Hi Pam the Albert Ellis quote is a good one for giving hope and is quite simple but I don't know that there is evidence to support it. Post traumatic and post natal depression are precipitated by external or biological changes so not constructed and then once depression kicks In it triggers cognitive changes and neuroticism which makes deconstruction much more difficult so we are left with the chronic depressives who roam this site !

    Dave (not sure if you were addressing me or David celtic27)

  • I was addressing you, goldfish, although I always think of you as Go Fish. You're right that theory was making me hopeful but I think I knew at some level it was too easy. Rats. Aren't the elements of the original construct still the same, just reordered by what ever has happened to the person? Do you gain some or lose some? I want to think about this, I Google too much.

    How have you been ? I'm still a little bruised and abused. Pam

  • Yes pleased you're still writing stuff and thinking constructively. What about this apsu.edu/sites/apsu.edu/fil...

    However I know we're not supposed to use web links. ..........

    The comments here about me didn't bother me. They are trivial compared with my other worries.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you, I will go fish the web site! pam

  • Hi David,

    I'm sorry that you are having some down days. I can't offer any medical suggestions, but I wanted you to know I was thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts.


  • Hi lori thank you for taking the time to answer my post ! Im grateful for the positive thoughts any help is appreciated! Hope your well also take care david

  • hi celtic27 hope your feeling a bit better today☺ depression do's Make you feel sluggish and specially if your feeling down ,it make me feel like it it's horrible feeling I know how you must feel 😔 take care .julie😊

  • I am a bit the same even my dentist calls me jack dee being unemployed contributes to it less time to think but even in employment I am to inverted crushing shyness which makes me awkward being employed gives you a little self esteem and makes you walk a little taller if that makes sense

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