im new here and i have terrible grammar, depression and an underactive thyroid and I often sit here questioning on why i bother to stick around because im depressed and have suffered for over 4 years now. i dont see why my life feels like im taking one step forward to then take 100 backwards, i want to work but i dont have the confidence in myself to big my self up at job interviews. my home life is fine i have a loving partner a dog and a cat all of which i love dearly but im finding it so hard to cope with all these medical things like underactive thyroid etc. i feeling like im fighting a losing battle but yet i still strive to make others happy when i am in my darkest moments where i dont want to talk to anybody i currently feel about as usefull and needed as a banana skin.


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  • Hi there ihopethereisalight and a very warm welcome to you. You'll find our Community friendly and supportive and I'm sure you will receive replies shortly.

    Best wishes


  • Excuse me if you don't like this but ......You've got it all wrong. Your brain is playing tricks on you as it does when you're depressed. You state all the good things you have at home with a partner, dog and cat (many would be envious of you) and the medical things......under active thyroid....... well that's usually one of the simplest things to treat, is not life threatening and gives you free prescriptions. . So that can't be too bad.

    And the bad grammar... where did that come from, it looks pretty good to me.

    One step forwards and 100 backwards.......not just 2 then?

    And banana skins can be quite useful particularly if you've got a banana to go inside it.

    So why not appreciate what you have got, perhaps try for a voluntary job, exercise that dog and look for that elusive extra thing

    Good luck

  • Hi

    I'm sorry that you're feeling so low.

    I understand how you feel as I've had depression along with abuse and health problems. I have been programmed to feel inadequate by my main abuser.

    I can only say that from my experience, I cannot stop trying to please and have OCD about cleanliness. I have had to try to accept my health problems, which now mean I'm not very mobile and in constant pain. I try to just appreciate the small things now and try very hard to not get stressed.

    I do take hemp tablets, which I find helps to relax me in the evenings. I am on antidepressants now and I think they are helping me a little. Unless you suffer from mental illness I think it's hard to understand. I do still have periods when I'm very low, it's always going to be one day at a time.

    Have you tried counselling or self help CDs/downloads?

    Good luck and I hope that you feel a bit better soon.

    Take care and best wishes. 🌸

  • Have you mentioned your depression to your GP? Is it possible it's connected to your thyroid problem? i would want to eliminate anything physical first. I know you have several issues bothering you, maybe tackling one at a time would help you feel less overwhelmed. Starting with a part time job, something without pressure could help you gain confidence . About your grammar, I am a former teacher, and I make grammatical errors all the time. If I can you can. Lastly, as I'm adding up the positives vs the negatives in your life, it seems the positives have it. It's easy to see what's wrong and to take for granted all that's good in our life. We all do it.And this is the last thing, really. I t is exhausting always trying to make others happy, it's your turn. Pam

  • Oh lord, I forgot the banana skin. It's important to the banana, and to slap shtick comedians and to Chiquita Banana. It keeps the banana out of her hair. Very useful, banana skins .

  • What do you think about these replies "Ihopetyereisalight"? Are you still there?

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