Blood test

Had blood test 2 weeks ago. Got told I don't have many red cells and had to go to see if I was bleeding in my bowel. Went yesturday to the hospital yesturday and they said it can't be my bowel because I have very little white cells and little red cells in my blood. I have to see a blood specialist now and I am worrying now that it could be something bad. I'm going out of my mind. My health is bad as it is. I can't go any where because of this because of being very weak and out of breath so fedup. I was so full of life before I became ill so wish I could take 1 pill like we all do and it all go away.

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  • Hi I am sorry you are suffering so much and I hope you can get it sorted soon. This however is a depression site? Have you posted it in the wrong place? x

  • Sorry

  • No worries :) xx

  • Sorry for your problem

    Try and look on the bright side that they have done a test and they are attending into the results.

    Your white cells attack infections etc, have you arthritis or something similar. Are you taking any medications that are treating that condition as those medicine types can reduce your whit blood cells

    The red cells need iron, if you are they may need to feed you iron tablets. So that is one pill daily or so.

    Try not to worry

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