Anxiety feeling bad

When I was a boy I used to play and have fun. And now I'm older I feel so scared.

I think about what others are thinking I get nervous Im losing my mind

The breathlessness dizzyness vomiting direa chest pain pulpertations and the feeling of doom

I'm so scared to leave my house no one understands they think I'm going crazy

I go to the doctor he gives me so pills which make me feel worse I feel like a zombie

Can someone take away my pain is it ever going to go away I want my life back ow please I want my life back

The breathlessness dizzyness vomiting direa chest pain pulpertations and the feeling of dome I want you to take them yeah take them away

When I'm sitting in my chair I feel my chest tightening body shaking it's a panic attack coming I can feel it coming the pulpertations kicking in my head starts to spin I grab the phone ring 111 she asks a million questions and says I'm sending an ambulance the ambulances comes they get out knock on the door and walk right in I'm shouting I'm dying I'm dying they get out there cables strap them to my chest they say everything looks fine but I'll take you to be checked I sit in the hospital and wait for hours they come to me and say everything seems fine you can go home and see your doctor to up your dose so I leave the hospital feeling ashamed embarrassed anxious thinking what is wrong with me please take away my pain


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5 Replies

  • Hi Clifton I am afraid no one can take your pain away. Certainly not here anyway as we are not doctors just people who suffer with depression and various mental health problems. There are a couple of anxiety sites on here, which might be of more help to you. If you go into 'my communities' at the top of the page then click browse other communities you will find them.

    There are folk here who suffer from anxiety as well as depression and I am sure they will be in shortly to help. x

  • I understand your pain and fear, and how much you want it to go away. I don't know how to help, but something that helped me was to walk and talk to my dog about my worries. The repetitive action of walking helped me get my breathing back under control, and speaking out loud to the dog who would never judge me or criticise also helped. Luckily i live somewhere i can walk without people seeing me a d thinking I've totally lost it. If you do not have a dog or have nowhere quiet to go, could you call the Samaritans? If you hate to leave the house could you walk up and down the stairs? Going outside and breathing fresh air is better though. Do you have a garden you could go out to, as digging and working the soil is very calming. Basically anything that helps get rid of the excess adrenalin that builds up, and to give you something to focus on outside of your own head.

    I hope this helps a bit,

    BTW, I thought your post was very poetic. Is it the words of a song?

  • Hi Clifton,

    Anxiety and panic attacks can be very frightening and the physical symptoms you describe such as breathlessness can be terrifying to the point that one thinks they are going to have a heart attack. Such attacks do not cause any serous medical problems, you've discovered this yourself when you called an ambulance and you were brought to A&E and checked out. In the past I attended classes in stress control and anxiety, given by qualified medical personal, it was stated in class that no one has ever died from a panic attack! In the event of a panic attack we were told to sit down, if possible, place a paper bag over your nose/mouth and breath in and out slowly. This helps to regulate our breathing/heart rate back to normal. I stress a paper bag, for safety purposes. This technique is apparently used on airplanes to calm passengers who may suffer a panic attack.

    The big question is what is triggering those anxiety/panic attacks? Is there is someone you know and trust and can talk to about your feelings, then consider doing so as this may well help you see what behaviours are affecting your mental wellbeing. The Samaritans were also mentioned in another reply to you, do bear in mind that if you do not wish to talk to the Samaritans you can contact them by e-mailing



  • Hello Clifton

    Your condition sounds very unpleasant and very real in your eyes so you need some specialist treatments. You have not explained what treatments you are on and if you are taking any medications to treat your depression or anxiety. Are you been seen by a CPN or other health professional ?.

    You need to discuss this with your GP and ask to be seen by a Mental Health Professional who will discuss your problems and worries with you

    If you feel in any immediate danger you need either go into A and E and request to see the Crisis Team. Sometimes this can be done by going to a Police Station and ask to be seen again by the Crisis Team. Generally depending on the stress you are feeling they will approach the Police Doctor and then you will need to ask to be put in a place of safety, You will then be seen by a Crisis Team either at home or in hospital.


  • Hi all thank you for your replys I'm on 150 mg of sertraline and 40mg of propanalol twice a day I've been taking these for about 5 month now and they don't seem to work when back to doctors today he told me to ween off the sertraline over 6 days and start on venlafaxine 37.5 mg twice a day working up to 275 mg I hope this works for me thanks again all for you help

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