On Worrying

On Worrying

Some tips for those of you who worry a lot, like me:

•Collect the right information (not the wrong information)

•Focus on the right things (not the wrong things)

•Assume that EVERYTHING IS SAFE before you test the waters

•If there is no immediate action to be taken (i.e. student loan debt), you can categorize your fear as a useless worry

•Train yourself to tolerate uncertainty

⁃"I don't know for sure"

⁃"It's always possible that something terrible can happen"

•Recognize that you can live with ambiguity

•Worry is an attempt to avoid anxiety or other unpleasant emotions

•Get out of your comfort zone

•Solve your problems by developing a new habit of being uncomfortable

•Do things you are avoiding

Bottom line: Until society creates a system of equality for all of its inhabitants—which could take a millennia—you are going to have to deal with stress and uncertainty.


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3 Replies

  • thanks for this. :) I've never really thought about the difference between anxiety and worry before, have used them kind of interchangeably. has been food for thought...

  • Good advice, I find it very difficult to deal with uncertainty. Will try harder in future. Regards Lorna

  • I really like this and these are things which I have only recently learned myself ; this one in particular really tunes in with the way I see things at the moment. Thanks once again; your posts are truly enlightening to me.

    Gemma X