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I am 17, and I have currently just finished sixth form. I am not sure where to turn to as I think I may have clinical depression alongside either socially awkwardness or even social anxiety. I have currently split up with a partner who was quite controlling and I can't really get him out of my life yet, I don't have any friends to turn too and I am far too scared to tell my family and I'm too shy to ring up my local gp/surgery. I've done numerous self depression online tests and I seem to have a high number of the depression signs and symptoms. My social awkwardness is sky high some days and I have felt this way for both suspected health conditions for over one year. Some days a little better than others but if anyone could give me an email where I can get confidential advice that would be great as its starting to take over my life and exam season is starting. This is also affecting my hopeful career (working with mentally ill people) too so please help! Thank you.

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  • When young I was like you I felt clumsy and was feeling my way through a really rough time. Like you I was going out with someone and by seventeen and a half engaged. The problem I had was that I was at college and taking Science and mathematics and my parents hit the roof as my studies were beginning too fail.

    When we are that young we always feel I will never love again and Anxiety and depression kick us to the floor. All I can really suggest is give yourself time and heal your self before you take a further dive with someone new. If you feel bad enough and you feel you need help, call your GP Surgery. For a personal appointment, He may be able to help

    In our Surgery we have a site on the practice pages for teenagers who need to talk to their GP, this gives you privacy, and it also allows you to talk in a way that is comfortable to you. You can at our Surgery take a parent in with you or you can make an appointment for yourself. Sad to say this is not an National thing you will need to find out. As generally everyone should be able to explain their personal problems.

    Generally speaking medications like those for Depression, the GP may be reluctant to give them out. although there is no reason why a GP you are comfortable with will generally talk to you about this difficult time in your life. So you have options it will be your decision how to jump, although do not be frightened in taking advice.

    You say you would like to take on Mental Health training good luck with that. Sometimes a Parent, your Mother may be a good place to start, that of course depends on you. I always would have loved it if my parents when I was seventeen just talked to me.

    Good Luck


  • Thank you Bob! I just seem to have many of the physical signs and symptoms and have had them a while and same goes for the emotional signs and symptoms. I am a health and social care and a sociology student, so we come across mental health in some aspects in both courses, to be quite honest I realised these signs and symptoms may be happening through my health and social care exam unit. I was just looking for some advice for maybe some help lines or emotional support contacts as I have absolutely no courage to call the doctors. See the physical side is getting in the way of everyday life, my GP In February suspected I was anaemic with iron deficiencies as I am vegetarian/attempting vegan and don't have many sources or iron or protein yet when it revealed I wasn't anaemic I realised it seemed worse because I tried supplements after supplements and it hasn't worked. But thanks again!

  • Some on site have been discussing B12 Suppliment, I know very little about this and possibly someone else may be able to give more information

    I will have a look around advice lines, possibly I may find something to help.

    I was talking to a person a couple of weeks ago and she was saying the problem sometimes is the more we think we know the less we can actually help and I suppose she was very right.