Hurting so much right now :(

Hi all, today I just left my fiancé for a 2 week separation trial as moving in together has been extremely hard on me cuz I have separation anxiety from my parents. Have done since I was young. I'm 23 now. I'm so confused now with what to do, I'm back home with my family. I didn't even make it 6 weeks :( at the start it was all about moving etc but the last 2 weeks I having been thinking non stop that it's our relationship... I can't decide if it is or not :( ??? I feel no love anymore as I've been that sick n anxious lately. Is it me or is it time to end things?

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  • Use the two weeks wisely, try not to be so uptight now ur back home. So just enjoy being around your parents n talk to them about it all. It's going to hurt bring in that u known zone but if u use the two weeks wisely then it can be a plus x x am sure u love him and naturally to move on from ur parents is a good thing but only if ur ready. Ur anxiety has taken over while u were away, it's not him but the situation x can u look up Joyce life positively. It's so good n small stepping stones to rebuild u will be good x x use the two weeks to move forward and not look back. U can't change back but can work towards the good ahead x x

  • Hi thanks for replying xx I had a change of mind after talking it through with my parents. Going to keep giving it a go. I don't want to throw it all in after just 6 weeks of moving out. I believe it deserves need some more time and work xx I have great support from my family as friends. I know I can't run Everytime I feel anxious. Thanks for your caring words and the time to write snow :$ xx

  • Good for you, I think the love is def there for you both but the whole anxiety thing just overtakes everything. But there is a way forward. I totally understand you wanting to be with your parents, only naturally you would want to go to the place you feel safe. Your partner and you will work out a way that you feel safe with him, your parents will always support you and be there every day no matter what. I would really give it a go and have lots of fun with your partner. Good for you x

  • Isn't the main question whether you love your fiancé rather than about your leaving home and separation anxiety? If you love him then you could seek help for your separation anxiety - it isn't either your fiancé OR your parents, you can have both of them. Your GP could refer you to a counsellor to try to understand and overcome the anxiety. xx

  • I'm seeing a counsellor this week hopefully n will tell her everything. I know I need to make my "safe point" with my partner more n less my parents. It's hard though, 23 years of having my parents as that. I figured I don't want us breaking up over the anxiety I have as it's a life thing I've had. Whether single or not. So I need to learn to cope with it all. Thanks everyone xx I feel better with your support xx

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