Depression does not discriminate

I watched the documentary last night about Robin Williams. Very sad, a very outwardly funny character. It reiterates again that depression does not just affect the shy and retiring but people from all walks of life. There have been books from very overt characters like Denise Welch (coronation St.) and Beverly Callard ( same soap) as well as very talented people like Steven Fry. All outwardly cheerful on the outside but battling their demons on the inside. It doesn't matter how rich, poor, famous or talented you are, depression does not discriminate. It does not mean your weak or untalented or incapable. It means your Ill. so take heart from this and don't feel it makes you a lesser person. Your just suffering from an illness like any other. That's my rant for the night! Ahh feeling better now:)

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  • A very good post indeed!! Society should stand up and take note of this x

  • Ah thanks Chris. Hope your feeling better :)

  • Brilliant post . Sums up how I feel inside

  • Thanks Herdy :) x

  • Hello

    He seemed to have very heavy health problems

    People who see a funny man do not see the sadness of His situation when He locks the front door of his home


  • Oh shame, I have missed this and would have been very interested to see it.Would it be possible to watch it online somewhere please ? Many thanks x

  • I saw it on catch up tv demand 5 xx

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