loosing my mind


i am 24 years old university student. i have recently been so alone in my life. i have absolutely no one around me. i had relied my life on only one person and that person doesn't talk to me. i am utterly depressed . i wake up crying, i cry in the shower, i cry while sleeping. i have lost control of what i am doing in life. i have no friends because i always thought that person was always there for me, i never kept any relations with my cousins due to the same reason. i am loosing it. today i cried the whole day and i dont know where my life is taking me anymore. university work does keep me going but i am utterly disturbed and dont know what to do anymore. i never knew that person would ever leave me and i keep on thinking without any purpose how can someone just leave your life. i tried to change for that person for 5 years and it was always hard but i wanted that person. i dont know how to cope up with this depression. i feel i need anti depressants for my mood disorder.

please help or suggest any help.


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10 Replies

  • Hi there judging by what you have posted here it's hard to know exactly

    What's going on. Is it a relationship breakup? If that's what's happened,

    Then it's natural to be upset and Depressed . That's more a normal reaction

    To a hard situation.

    What worries me more is that you seem to have had no friends except

    This person. This is never a good idea. We all need friends and acquaintances

    So if a relationship breaks down, then we are not isolated or alone, these

    Are big lessons to learn to what's happened to you.

    You have choices , so see a Dr. For support or a University Counselling g Support

    Person. Start joining things and being independent, what are your hobbies?

    Join a Group or a Gym or Club, You may think it's the end of the world now,

    But it need not be. Start to be independent , at least you are bright and at

    University which leaves you options. Also reconnect with your family

    Good luck and always keep friends even if you have a boyfriend or husband

    It's sensible and healthy.

    Hannah x

  • hi

    thank you so much for the reply. its was more like a best friend and all of a sudden that person left me. i have tried everything possible. i tried yoga, walking and its been way too hard because i have had easter break and all my university friends are back home and i am all alone in the flat. its been a really hard time. i just want to give up at some point whats stopping is just my family as i stay so far away from home and what would they think. i just wish that the person would openly tell me because whatever the person has told me in life i have always followed, changed my self for the person.

    is there any way i can have anti depressants medicine without prescription. i really need one .

  • Hi,

    No the meds do have to be on prescription - but what do you mean you changed yourself for the person?! It sounds as though you felt very needy and so tried to become whatever they wanted, which is sad.

    I suggest you firstly see your GP or the Uni health service in order to get some medication to ease your distress and then make an appointment with the student counselling service. It will be better that they know how you are feeling in case you find you can't cope with meeting deadlines, but also they will tell you whether it will be helpful to see them for a while, in order to find out why you felt you had to be who someone wanted in order to keep them.


  • Hello

    When young and at college I was engaged to a girl for about four years and we were going to get married. There was problem with my family and we broke up on my twenty first birthday.

    It took me about two years before I started going out with people and I eventually met my future wife five years later. and married on the tenth year after my first break up. I am now as good as sixty five and still married.

    All I can really say is there is always someone who will possibly feel the way you are and eventually if selective will both meet and all that happened now to you will most probably be forgotten.

    We always feel we will never love again after loosing a first love and we all have that chance to move on. That is part of learning and growing, it is never an easy way forward as life is a learning experience. You will feel down and weepy and that will be normal as when we are young life is lived with so much intensity that there will be occasions when we wonder what life is all about. Believe me it becomes a little easier as we age, yet we still have to learn about life until we become old.

    You could go to your GP and ask for medications, although personally I would try and avoid that like the plague. All you will do is dumb yourself down and if we are training and learning you could loose that edge on life and possibly become to reliant on the medications. Personally I know you must feel let down, although do you want to feel that way and let the one who left you feel He has controlled you on their leaving. Take control of your life and show him how well you are showing your emotions and how easy it has been to find someone else. Start living your life, go out and live your life, it is a big world out there and you will eventually find someone else and begin to make new friends You could ask College Welfare for some form of support and what groups are around on campus that you could join and then meet with people with your same interests, as loneliness can be a problem when alone. I buried my head in interests old and new I took up Ballroom dancing and eventually made a tranche of friends that I could mix with when alone, I also became a Youth Leader Instructor and that kept my mind busy.

    Good Luck


  • Hi nice to meet you but sorry you are going though such a hard time. I agree with Sue - never change yourself to be what anyone else wants. You will find that people like you more for being yourself. I know it doesn't feel that way at the moment but it is true. Stay with us as we all understand depression and will do our best to help and support you. Take care. x

  • thank you so much for the courage. however it will take time to get back to the phase. will definitely go see a counsellor for my depression/ mood

  • Well done shradz. You have got courage you know as you have taken the first step by coming in here. The 2nd step is to get help. If it makes it easier for you, write down how you feel and give that to your counsellor. x

  • The best things in life are friends, best friends are still best friends even when you have not seen each other for years!

    So, pluck up your courage, and go and visit those friends you used to know.

    Good friends will understand, relations to :):):)

    If you don't try, you will never really know ??????

  • that is so true. reading these positive comments make me outreach that i can do better and not stick with people who suck the happiness out of me. i was thinking maybe if i start blogging my daily life it would make a difference and i would have people replying and having a positive outcome.

  • This person has done you the biggest favour by walking out of your life at a time when you are surrounded by many young and interesting people. Much better than later in life when you might struggle to find new friends. This is an opportunity to be grasped. Once you have cried your tears, get up and go out into the world and see what it has to offer you (and you it). Join clubs that interest you. Go to student bars or concerts. Embrace your studies. Be patient and everything will work out. The main thing is not to latch on to the first person who comes along, or you will repeat the past. I would suggest you plan to make 20 new acquaintances, out of which you meet up with 10 fairly regularly, and out of them maybe open up to the 3 people you feel you can trust the most. If you do this and find the relationships are unrewarding, go out again and meet another 20 new people. This way you can practice social skills, and learn about yourself in the process.

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