what should i do

im am currently 14 years old and suffer from anxiety and deperssion and i thought that it was about time that i spoke to my gp about it, but the thing is i need someone to go with as that environment makes me feel very panicky and nervous anyways. i was thinking of asking my mum and she says she is happy to take me but i also have my friend who has offered to come with me and i dont know who to choose to come with me. i feel like with my friend i would open up more and fell more comfortable, and because im used to being relaxed and calm around her but i feel like i would say too much and say things that she could be shocked by what i do say becuase ive never really spoken to her about all of this stuff and it could hurt our friendship. on the other hand if my mum comes with me i feel like i could upset her by the things i say aswell.

any advice?


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4 Replies

  • Hi there and I'm so glad that your taking a great mature step on going to Dr. My advice

    Is to bring your Mum . She will be helpful and you both can help each other.

    If you brought your friend with you, you might have regrets later and it is kind of

    Private stuff too, the question. I would have concerns about is that your friend might

    Discuss this private stuff with others, that would be upsetting. She is young too, so

    I think an adult is called for in this case,

    Most young people want to have that kind of relationship you seem to have

    With your Mum, so bring Mum along.

    Please let us know how it goes, the best of luck and you sound sorted to me.

    Hannah x

  • Heres the thing, whomever you take you can arrange it so they don't stay the whole session with you. If you really feel you need someone in the room agree with them and the councellor its just for the first 15 mins. Say your nervous its okay they will be used to that, no one will mind. The whole thing is about mental health and your so young, everyone is going to be nice to you, no need to worry. Then whatever you say to the councellor when you are alone will be between you and her (or him).

    When you first go into the session you can just ask or they will explain whats going to happen, what the progression is, in that time Im sure you will feel comfortable enough to ask your mum or your friend to wait in the waiting room for you. Its okay, everyone will be on your side, its just fear of the unknown and what so great is it takes seconds to become the known. You will pick up whats going on very quickly.

    Poor you but what a strength of character you show at such a young age to be smart enough to ask for help.

    Here's hoping you just need a little boost on your way to a happier calmer life.

    Sending a BIG HUG, Well done for being so mature XX

  • As you are under sixteen, your Mother should go to the GP with you, however you can agree with your parent that your Mother leave you with the GP when you need that privacy. Generally speaking you can request a double, joint appointment and when your Mother leaves discuss your problem more fully then.

    Our Practice has actually extended the Practice Web page for young people, patients and can actually ask questions in some restricted form. On that page you can make appointments as well. So I do not know if your GP has that facility, you will need to ask.

    If the GP feels you need some councilling you will most probably be able to go to these appointments on your own although your parent will be able to wait for you or go in with you at your request.

    With regard to taking a friend in with you I would possibly feel that could be a risky thing to do, as you do not know if that friend could let rip your problems at school.

    I do not know what your problem is, all I can say is you need a certain amount of privacy and that needs to be a right everyone has when talking or having treatments

    Good Luck


  • Hi,

    May I say congratulations to you being so mature and asking for help. I would take your Mum with you.

    I have a grandchild going through anxiety/depression and she is 13, and she opens up to me, but doesn't want, like you, to upset her Mum. We are the grown ups here and can handle whatever you have to say, we want to help and understand your problems.

    I don't know your circumstances, but my grandchild's parents have split up and re-married, so it is awkward.

    Your friend may not understand your difficulties, but will be supportive in other ways.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. Maybe your Dr. will put you in touch with a councillor who you will perhaps open up more.

    Sending you lots of hugs. xxx