Hi all. I suffer from anxiety, depression , paranoia and bad panic attacks. No one in my family really understands what it's like to live like this on a daily basis. I am on loads of different tablets as I also suffer from diabetes. So many different side effects, but my favourite tablet has to be amiriptyline. Without this I couldn't cope. does anyone else find them good?


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4 Replies

  • Hi my husband and ! Have both been on amitriptyline for

    Years .We can't sleep without it

  • I think the words 'favourite' and 'tablet' in the same sentence is a trifle on the bizarre side if you don't mind me saying! X

  • I don't suppose "favourite" was a good word to use sorry. What I meant to say was that of all the anti depressants I have tried, that one has worked the best. Not just as an anti depressant, but also as a muscle relaxant.

  • Tell me what you've tried. I'd like to try amitriptyline.

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