I do have a question yes, wrong it maybe but here goes

I have just thought of this and I must say Im not sure....inappropriate you may say!!, Ah yes but you are my friends and if I cant ask my friends then whom?!

So here it is: In a fight between James Bond 007 and Sherlock Holmes who would win!

What do you mean I have to much time on my hands, Im in the middle of my homework!

Any fights you wonder about? Kim Kardasian and a hairdresser :-)? ( I had to look her up, there are so many celebs I cant keep track, pre 1990 and Im lost! )

A Freemason and Reg Varney



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  • Question:

    In a fight between James Bond 007 and Sherlock Holmes who would win?


    The publicist

    Just a thought. You know it's true !

  • That's sneaky young Mark! ummm


  • Lion and a crocodile?

  • Croc - more sly!

  • Ah Lucy has it, thank goodness for that, that could have stopped me in my tracks for days!

    Bless you Lucy! XX

  • Lion and Crocodile....Crocodile and Lion...

    Lion Lion Lion

    Crocodile....ummm no you've got me there, Im going to have to resort to rice pudding as its the only sweet left in the cupboard.

    Crocodile...liony lion....

    Any takers?


  • Only rice pudding? Don't you have mince pies, Jacobs crackers, pickled onions, mint matchmaker and trifle sponges left over from Christmas?

    We are having Stilton and chocolate Orange surprise for dinner tonight.


    Sarah x

  • Stilton...Ill be right over, nope just bread and water here. Didn't get the food this year Santa was too busy.... awe And he said Im a fat ole cow who doesn't need the extra ... charming....ha ha :-)

    I have eaten the rice pudding!


  • Ha ha ha Caroline you are off your rocker! But love it. In the fight between bond and holmes I guess it would depend who had the gun and the girl! But Holmes was gay so in his case it would be the boy! :d Bev xx

  • Do you KNOW Holmes is gay? Or are you just speculating?

    That wouldn't work at all because Holmes would just end up kissing Bond and ruin the whole thing!

    *Caroline shakes her head*

    Bev you wasskle


  • Caroline

    What have you been ingesting or imbibing? Ah you

    Make me laugh and that's always good.

    Hannah xx

  • Brainyack! :d xx

  • In that case they would both win :O xx

  • Ah Bev you are funny you are a,l blinking nuts here. He he

    Hannah xx

  • It's that Bev...*Caroline points* she sits there with her Thortons Ole Peculiar Box of Mixed Assortments in her Victorian gown and I have to say something! Else she'll start napping by the fire again or worse still singing..whilst playing darts! And we all know how dangerous that is.

    No I've been stuck in doors reformatting my hard drive! ....Madam really...lol

    My mind has gawn off with the fairies, it's getting so I think I'm getting thought messages from Luna!...ha ha xxx

    (Along the lines of feed me feed me)



  • Nuts whole hazelnuts Cadburys take them and cover them with chocolate. Oh yes please :) xx

  • That's you right Bev...because I am soooo totally sane :-O


  • Sherlock without a doubt x

  • That's what thought, he'd out smart Bond any day :-) X

    Of course then I woke in a cold sweat because I missed the obvious

    Harry Potter versu Dirty Harry

    Thora Hurd Verus Miss Marple


    Cat Verus Polar Bears! (may have to be a draw)



  • Ha ha How about Bev v Caroline - now that would be a tough one :d xx

  • Bev you would wins hands down...I'm way too flakey...lol

    *Caroline raises Bevs hand into the air* DING DING... Gold Winner Beverly Coughalot ...:-)


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