"My crappy family are upsetting me and its not fair! "

...............That does feel a little bit better, thank you.

You know someone, I'm sorry the ole Dyslexia just kicked in, I only read the post 2 minutes ago! Was talking about Manganese, but what happened to Barium you know the poisonous stuff they used to give people :-) No one talks about Barium anymore?

In South West London within close proximity we had no less than 5 large Sanitoriums (oh look if you DONT spell it like that how doooo you spell it...grrrr), in this side of London, shocking isn't it.

Anyway hope you are all doing okay. Im okay really just being a bit self indulgent and a might cross. Mumble mumble mutter mutter mutter bloody families.



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10 Replies

  • Lucy Lucy it was Lucy!

  • Caroline I have replied to you privately.

    Hugs n keep calm

    Hannah xx

  • Thanks Hannah, you are TOPS! Im much better today, Ive decided the mode of action should be to ignore, not you obviously but the pious family ! :-)


  • Hi Caroline,

    Sorry you're unhappy. Not sure if it helps, but I have learned to have no expectations of my family. Consequently I don't get upset, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the occasional support they give me. It's definitely much less stressful.

    I hope you got some fun out of Christmas. Here's wishing us all a happy, healthier 2015.

    Cheers, Catherine.

    P.S. What does a clock do when it's hungry?

    It goes back 4 seconds!

  • Hi

    Thanks Catherine, that joke is so cute!

    Your advice is spot on!

    Im off out tonight to have fun :-) and today has been very nice, I got to go out in my car which I looooove so much. And apparently I left my credit card in fine machine in the library and they found it! How lucky was that.

    Now when I go to the library theres a lovely cat in there, it just shows how fab the staff are that they let her wander in and out, apparently shes just moved into the area. I wonder what she reads...ummm


  • Caroline

    The cat may read " Tales of the unexpected" or

  • Hi,

    Here's a couple more silly jokes to cheer up a cold dreary Monday.....

    What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur?


    Why didn't the skeleton go to the New Year's party?

    He had no body to go with!

    What do you get if you cross an elephant with a mouse?

    Bloody big holes in the skirting!

    Just thought a little light laughter might brighten our day.

    Take care all and have a happy, healthy New Year.


  • How is I only ever find dirty or risky jokes and you have all the cute ones!

    Thanks Im fine now and all smiley


  • The cat's reading list could be:

    Cat on a hot tin roof

    The cat and the canary


    The lion, the witch & the wardrobe

    Puss in boots

    That's all I've got. Cheers, Catherine.

  • Catherine you're a mind of information.

    Did you ever see that Larson card where the dog had written CAT FUD on the inside of the washing machine door, left the door open and was waiting for the cat to step

    Dogs as much as I love them can never out wit puddy tats, and of course I have watched Tweety out wit Sylvester :-)!

    Maybe that's why in my wedding scenerio my husband to be would be in the Tweety with a big yellow head :-)