You dont have to answer this, but does ANYone actually enjoy Christmas?!

When we entered Europe couldnt it have been rearranged or something? Maybe because it was always presented as a huge trial its become guessed it. I feel like the Grinch sorry, Im sure some people love Christmas and bless you for that. However for those of us who find it an up hill struggle couldnt we at least rename it? Take the sting out?

What about Lions Day ( a bit like secretaries day only more relevant :-) or The Season of Abstract Expressionism if your an Artist, or Anglers Weekend...come on help me out here.

The great british bake at home holiday? Seasonal duck watching season.

Look I didnt say I had the ANYTHING for that matter. Im wallowing in poor me my relationships in tatters ...but instead of peddling that ole pony, Im malining Christmas, I think they call it transference in Psychology? (oh wait your saying I can spell Psychology but I cant spell Malining, its a bloody conspiracy, Gods up there laughing it at me!!!) Grrrr.


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  • :) Caroline welcome back. I have missed you and your fantastic sense of humour.

    For those who hate Christmas why don't we have a 'We hate Santa day'? We could burn effigies of santa, his elves and everything Christmas related. We could have a turkey in charge who could say 'gobble gobble' until we have destroyed everything we can! :)

    Bev xx

  • Bev whatever you're dong right now GIVE IT UP and become and COMEDIAN...THIS INSTANT...thats hilarious.

    Yes up the rights of Turkeys! Lets make it NUT ROAST DAY (oh maybe not I could be seen as a NUT and I dont want no roastin! ...grrr).

    Not sure about burning Santa though, I have a theory...on the QT you understand that God doubles up as Santa, well look at the evidence, they look the same AND have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? Tricky...very tricky.


    I think we should promote you!

  • I love Christmas. I look forward to it in the depths of winter. Wouldn't give it up as it makes me smile. And we get two paid days off work to recooperate :) x

  • Excellent! But could we who dont share your joy rename it :-) X

  • I have Grinch pyjamas. Seriously.

    We could take a nod from Terry pratchett and call it Hogswatch.

    I just find it all very stressful and end up ill as soon as I break up from work. Only year it was different was in 2011 when it was spent in Malaysia. V little stress that Hogswatch day, just the beach, Malaysian food and a lovely little band playing last Christmas by wham whilst dressed as Santas. The band not me.

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Caroline,

    Missed your unique brand of humour. Glad your back. Sorry but I am one of those people who does enjoy Christmas. More so in recent years, because my friends and I have all opted for charity donations instead of presents & the family just want money or vouchers. So much easier, plus I don't do the shops at Christmas, too intense & messy. Instead it's Internet straight to the door delivery & very little wrapping to do. ( as an aside and what may help others, Giftmate are foil bags, various sizes, with built in ribbons. Makes wrapping for anything a dawdle.)

    As promised here's an update on my trip to Italy: couldn't function every day, managed 4 days. But the apartment was lovely, Como old city was beautiful, quite flat mostly, so getting around wasn't as difficult as I thought. I think it really helped me. I realised that my physical pain & anxiety do restrict the way I live, but they don't need to prevent me living. Acceptance - my psychologist would be so proud of me - finally.

    Hope you feel better soon, oh yes, the food in Italy was brilliant even if it was a carb overload!

    Take care, Catherine.