Feeling satisfied but tired

Thought I woul just say to people that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I managed to get back to work Monday and Tuesday afternoon. I have been off work since May when I was made redundant.

I had been off work with depression and reduced my hours due to finding it difficult to cope.

I decided to try a few hours where I used to work to see how I felt. I was a teaching assistant in a primary school so it is quite a stressful job but rewarding too. I felt good after I had been in school. The children were pleased to see me and staff too.

im very tired today but feel quite pleased with myself. Im just having a quiet day at home today, I have a builder here repairing guttering so that is a good reason for me to stay around.

During the five months I was off work I had some counselling , attended a therapy course and changed medication. I now have the skills to cope with life, I know there will still be bad days but know how to cope. I enjoy exercise, family walks, meeting friends, listening to music and volunteering at a local community centre. This site has also been very helpful and will continue to be. I have been a member here for two years and had some excellent advice. Even though I dont post here every week I always get a nice reply.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far. I still have a way to go but Im getting there.

So if you feel low today please dont give up and take on advice you are given as we are all in the same place.


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  • David,

    You've worked hard and should be very proud. Did you feel very anxious before you went back to school and then afterwards you said you felt good because everyone was pleased to see you. Pleased you have the skills to cope now and that you will allow yourself to have good days and bad days. Nice cup of coffee and mince pie in the garden.

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi David

    I'm delighted that your in a good place as you deserve it. It also gives hope

    To other people who might read this.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Sarah and Hannah. Yes I was anxious going into school both days but with my coping strategies I made it. Taking deep breaths helped and ditraction like singing quietly to myself helped. I must have looked silly singing to myself!

    David x

  • You sound more positive David and that's really nice to hear! Glad you are doing better :). I will agree with you that teaching is incredibly hard and stressful so well done for attempting to go back, just don't push yourself too hard okay?

    All the best xx

  • So glad that it went well and you have been able to gain some more confidence.

    Hope you can continue to build on that.

  • David this post has made me smile. It's so important to feel that you can solve your own problems. The most effective counselling is the counselling that doesn't just make you feel temporarily better, but equips you with the skills to face difficulties if you meet them again. I bet the children were so excited to see you! X

  • Hi Lucy, yes the children were pleased to see me and the one boy who I did some one to one work with who has autism was really pleased to see me. His face lit up when he saw me.

    That made me feel really good and it is that feeling that keeps us going as you know. Children are very special.


  • Glad you are feeling better.xx

  • Hi David,

    What a lovely post! I am so glad you are doing well and coping with returning to work, you sound as if you are able to deal with things and have made a lot of movement over the two years.

    Take care,


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