Hi everyone, I am absoloutely exhausted and for an active person(I'm a tennis coach), I find myself unusually writing this post back in bed. For the last few months, the struggle to get up and provide on average 5 hrs of coaching a day has become harder and harder. I feel much the same way as someone hanging on the edge of the cliff would. At some point, you know that your not going to be able to hang on any longer and will descend into oblivion, it's just a question of when that time will come ! I need to have a break, and recharge my batteries, but thoughts of impending financial disasters keep me going! But for what! I am a single man in my early 40's and have little in the way of opportunities of meeting a significant other or making new friends because of the need to work at weekends. Anyway, I'm just feeling thoroughly worn out and the inevitable stress of the last few months has brought on depressive symptoms, but in all honesty, depression has never really left me and that 'stalking horse' or 'black dog'never will, i guess ! The constant effort required to live my life just saps my energy, and I am at the point of least resistance. Thank you Health unlocked and to those of you in advance that reply to my posts and to those of other members. Lots of love everyone and keep up the good fight !


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3 Replies

  • Hello, I empathise completely with you. Im a 48 year old male and I have no energy at all.

    Cant even write much today.


  • Hi Villeneuve

    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you able to take a bit of time off even if for just a couple of days? If you haven't already perhaps contact your GP & talk to them about meds/therapy. Personally in the past I was never one for therapy but, as an almost last resort, I did have some CBT therapy a few months ago. I didn't expect much & thought it would be a waste of time but for me I gotta say it really helped. Do you know what has caused the depression to have never left you? My depression is through learned behaviour. I have been viewing myself badly for so long that it's ingrained & I'm trying to fight it but it means fighting my natural instincts a lot of the time.


  • Hi villie. It's funny because I am shattered as well. Can't even get out of bed. I'm on 60mg fluoxentine and 180mg of propanalol. Must be the meds but I'm zapped completely.