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Hi sorry I've not been posting lately as I'm still having problems with how I feel an d sometimes feel unable to talk about it ! I have bad depression for which I take venlafaxfine for ! I've started back to work on a staggered return but still worry about failing and losing my job ! The brain injury people are trying to help also so is the psychotherapist. But still very nervous about how I feel any ideas ?


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  • I'm not sure how you were brain injured, so I apologise for not being to help you with that. I worry quite a bit about depression one day stopping me from working, so I do know how that feels. My GP keeps reminding me just to ask for a note if I want time off, but I'm scared that one week would lead to two, and so on. It's a frightening spiral that many people on here can relate to.

  • Hi Lucy thank you for your reply ! It was. Brain anuyresum that caused my brain injury ! My doctors been great in helping me my Sah was last February which caused me to be off for 5 months eventually went back to work ! But unfortunatlly I my depression became worse and I was signed off again my venlafaxine was increased to 225 mg and also I was prescribed quetiapine 25mg once in the morning and 50mgs at night as I wasn't sleeping at all well ! My healthcare person was worried that due to place I work at being up for sale I could lose my job and as i had been off for a further 2 1/2 months so I agreed to go back on a staggered return but I'm worried I may fail and not cope. And lose my job any way ! I'm still under the care of a phsycologist who is trying to help but I've still got a fear of being unwell again ! Any help would be most welcome ! David

  • I would recommend just doing the bare minimum at work that is required of you. I think we're all guilty of taking on that 'bit extra', that gets us no thanks, but plenty more stress.

    Also being as honest and frank with your employers as you can possibly be. If appointments clash with your working hours, your bosses will probably prefer to give you time to attend them than you call in sick x

  • Hi Lucy maybe I'm being unfair to my bosses as they have been there since my sah! Im just finding it hard to cope with how I am since my sah is short term memory and emotional problems ! I'm just worried that I will not be able cope even given the fact I'm getting help from them to reduce my work load and the premice that I will need to do more in my job ar sometime ! I'm not looking for miracles but I want to work and not be a burden on anyone as I've always wanted to work ! Thank you for your help Lucy take care (david)

  • Hi there and I can understand your worry. Did you have Depression before your

    Brain Injury? I'm not sure if you were always prone to Depression. So really there

    Are two things to cope with Depression and your brain health.

    I think you have to be realistic and be guided by your neurologist about how

    Much you are really able for. I can understand is you worry about going back

    To work, I always worried too, post Depression, I agree with Lucy about just

    Doing the basics in work, don't try and be a superhero. All you can do is your best

    And try and just take things day by day.

    I feel Mindfullness Meditation would really help you to focus on the now , rather

    Than projecting in fear about your future.

    You will definitely need a lot of support and this Forum is great for that, please

    Be compassionate and kind to yourself and I hope you will improve in health.

    Oh I feel I haven't been much help to you, but I really feel for you, I. Think it's

    Great that you are so motivated to get back to work, that says a lot about your


    Please let's us know how you progress please.


  • Hi Hannah thanks for your input I'm grateful for the information and advice I get on here ! I have had depression for a number of years but I find its got worse since my sah due to the fact I am having trouble accepting how I am now and the limits I have to accept I've got short term memory plus other changes I hate how I can't be myself as I was before ! My family and wife have been great since day one and I'm blessed to have that help ! Again thank you for your help and concerns (david)

  • Hi celtic you can only do your best in your given circumstances. It's natural you are worried but that might make things tougher for you. Don't meet trouble half way, save your energy for coping at the moment. No one can forsee the future, try and be optimistic. Good luck x

  • Thank you for answering I'm my own worst enemy for worrying I'm afraid ! I found that since my San I've taken it upon my self to held other but have been so good at helping myselt get better ! Getting the help I need now to help me get better again thanks again coughalot

  • Hi David

    Sorry if you've explained this before to others or on other posts...

    How long ago was the aneurysm? How are you coping after it? What treatment did you have?

    My dad had an aneurysm about 10 years ago and while he is ok he's not been able to go back to his old job. I think he tried but found it very difficult to concentrate on doing two things at once, which was key for the job. He wasn't able to start something, leave it and do something urgent and then go back to the original work. It also badly affected his temperament for a while (and still does sometimes now) mainly because he gets frustrated with himself.

    Personally I think it's great that you're able to go back to work in the first place. And I would imagine they would cut you a lot of slack, certainly for a while anyway. So perhaps continue with the drug treatment & therapy. You can always increase one or the other if you feel it's not helping as much as you think it could. But mainly I would encourage you to take a breath & keep telling yourself that you've come through a major problem with your body and survived, so while you may not be the old David you were before you can work at being him again. What I mean is to have realistic expectations of yourself regarding work. Just like after an athlete has a mayor injury has to work up to get back to full health so will you.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer my question ! Sorry to hear your dad had a sah /brain aneuysm I notice some of the same things in what happened to your dad as what happened to me !mysah was last February and from day one I always hoped I would return to my old self how wrong I was ! I've got short term memory loss and headaches o I forgot short temper ! My neurologist been great I've had 2 MRIs since it happened but I'm very claustraphobic so can't face a third one he's very understanding and is not pushing me to do it just go for 6 monthly check ups for now and see what happens ! God bless your dad and hope he keeps well david

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