Morning everyone!

How is everyone. We need constant encouragement to keep going. Living with depression, anxiety and stress is so difficult.

I have just enrolled on a stress control course and I will be working part time from next week. This has made me feel much better.

My salary has changed but I spoke to someone yesterday about claiming ESA to top up my salary.

I have done a great deal of thinking and talking lately. Today I feel exhausted so I wont do much. I suppose I will still get low days.

Just wanted to try to cheer us all up and say it is possible to live with illness with the right support and this forum is a good place to find that help.

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  • Hi David

    That's good about stress control course. I am not surprised your tired, you

    Have been through a lot in last few weeks.

    Enjoy walk and look after yourself, very wet and windy here in Dublin.


  • Thanks Hannah,

    Looks like rain here on the usual sunny Isle Of Wight.

    I will still drag myself out for a walk.

    Take care

    David x

  • Where is sunny isle of Wight?

  • South UK. Where are you?

  • United States/ Ut. Funny how I registered on a UK group. I didn't notice that. But I like this group. Maybe I was led here

  • Nice to meet you anyway. You are welcome here.

  • Perhaps it was a sign!

  • Hi David

    I'm glad you have been able to sort out part-time work, that will be less stressful for you. Let's hope the money get's sorted out too, well done for making the move as it must have taken some courage.

    I agree about needing support, it's strange how easy it is to go from feeling quite positive to feeling low and back again isn't it.

    Yesterday I had a good day, a positive GP apt, volunteered to help with a local orchestra (programme selling etc) and therapy, then a nice evening just watching tv but ok, then a good book. This morning's just a bit flat. I hope you do not feel too low today, have a rest as best you can and try to find something you enjoy to buck your energy levels up as well, maybe a book you like or similar.

    It is good that we can help one another, sometimes I find it makes all the difference just having somewhere to express how I feel and know people will understand.


  • Hi Sue, didnt see this post earlier. Ive had a lazy day. However, I went for a walk this morning to get me going. Then Ive been looking at ways to save money. I can save nearly £50 a month with new insurances.

    Hope you had a good day.

    David x

  • Glad you are taking a positive approach which will help you and your family to cope. Take care, Suex

  • Hi David,

    I have recently joined the forum and have been really interested in how you have been positively managing the depression and anxiety. You have been going to the gym, to your GP, counselling and now the stress control course. You have also been getting out going into town even when you really don't want to see anyone. Even when your mood is down you are back to offer support online or trying to do something to raise your mood again soon. I have also been off work for the last 5 weeks and am attending counselling. The thought of going back to work is still too scary for me. I am not surprised you are tired you have really achieved so much in the short time I have been a member and I am proud of you for getting to the point when you can return to work part time next week. I have found you and your ongoing journey inspiring. Have a good rest and the best of luck for next week.


  • Thanks Sarah,

    Glad Ive been of help to you. Im not sure what motivates me at times. I think it is my wife and children. My wife is very supportive and my children always ask me how I am and what Im planning on doing with my day. I dont want to let them down so I have to keep going. I havent done much today but we need rest days too!



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