Depression and doctors

So ive been doctors and they have dignosed me with depression they have given me a prescription for some antidepressant and has asked me to come back in two weeks. But as ive told them I have not been working because of it. She told me to go to citizens advice because I had rent to pay. Are they not ment to sign you off for a week to help you out.

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  • Hi

    I think normally your dr would give you a sick note and that would be to either give to your employers or to DWP in respect of benefits, if you are on job seekers allowance , as I was, you would then claim employment support allowance. Not sure of your circumstances but I think whatever they are if your dr has said come back in two weeks you would normally have a sick note for 2 weeks, my dr provides me with a monthly sick note...


  • Sue's right, you would normally get a sick note, you can then claim ESA, and you would get Housing Benefit to cover your rent. You might need to ask them for a sick note. I went to my docs a while back because my job was stressing me out too much, and I pretty much had to directly ask them to sign me off.

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