Am I depressed or am I just being a fool?

I'm 20 years old and for the past few years I have not been feeling right. I have become boring and miserable and I don't know why. I always try avoid people because I don't feel like having a chat it's like I have no idea what to say and feels really awkward. I never want to do anything even going to the shops. I feel like I want to hide away and I'm never happy, I'm always searching for something and I can never find what it is. My grandad said something before about depression in the family and he's been on amitriptline for the past 40 years but I have never seen it as really an issue for me, I guess the past 2-3 years I've thought what I was feeling was me growing up and changing that's why I turned boring but only tonight at work made me start looking into it abit more as I've looked up depression online before and just forgotten about it the next day. I went to work in a really motivated good mood until I arrived and seen the kitchen in a right state (I'm a chef) and that's when It hit me. I started to feel confused and everything felt pointless, I couldn't make choices couldn't make my mind up about what to do I was literally walking round like a zombie with no idea what I was doing and every since I've felt the same. I felt really awkward around everyone and felt horrible inside, my head couldn't understand the feeling I was experiencing. I'm not sure if I should see my gp or what to do that's why I'm posting something on here first because I feel a bit silly in a way am I talking rubbish or is there a reason why I feel so low and horrible? Sorry for the essay thanks to all that read it

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  • Hello

    All the feelings you describe are all common problems associated with depression. You really need to ask yourself why you feel the way you do, and if possible try and understand ways of making your feelings more positive.

    The feeling you have when around people in general again why do you feel that way and also why you seem to be hitting yourself against a brick wall

    Remember everyone has doubts and worries how others see us Robbie Burns wrote a poem regarding it

    Stop being hard on yourself, with depression we become so critical regarding our feelings that all becomes self fulfilling and we enter into the centre of a circle and we have breaking out of its centre.

    See your GP and He will arrange a course of treatment that will settle you down, depression if caught soon can be sorted very well and when you think one in three of the population will have depression sometimes in their lives You may be taken aback the number of people in your work that are depressed and are been treated for it..

    If you find out the numbers at work who are suffering, you all could get together and all be boring together.

    This of course is not the case, you will help each other

    You also have this site to visit where there is always plenty of support and understanding.

    See your GP ASAP



  • Hi Adam I take it your new here, your very welcome. Having read your post

    I would safely say that you are Depressed. I was like that in work before

    I got help, I was struggling with things I was previously well able to do.

    It felt as if my brain was slowed down etc. Sorry Adam this post is about you,

    I only shared that experience because I felt the same.

    My advice to you is to go to your GP ASAP and tell him exactly what you

    Put in the post.

    Treatment can be Medication and later. Other Holistic things. Adam don't waste

    Any other minute. Make your appointment now and you will be on way

    To Managing your Depression.

    Please note thus is not medical advice as none of us here are medics

    This is a great Forum and you will get lots of help love and support.

    Let me know how you are.


  • Thank you so much guys I have booked an appointment with my gp hopefully this is the first step to being happy again

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