hello everyone,

I was prescribed this new med Friday (yesterday) as I have depression which is linked to my lupus and now told yesterday I have fibromyalga (spelt wrong! sorry) doctor said its to help pain,fatigue and can be used as a mild anti-depressant?

I was finally listened to by my rhuemmy espechially when I said ive never been so low,i don't live I exsist on auto-pilot and cannot live like this.

have you taken this med please? are there any side effects as I always worry about putting more meds into my body, any advice would be greatfully received,thankyou x

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  • I haven't taken the medication but if you are concerned about side effects the best thing is to mention this to the doctor and the pharmacist - there is also the leaflet which will have been supplied with the medication but I know that can always be very off putting - and it might help to have the doctor or pharmacist go through it with you and explain exactly what things are.

  • It's a close relative of Venlafaxine which is my med. apparently it is "cleaner" which should mean less side effects. Even if you get given a list of likely side effects, your body will respond individually - mine got some damn peculiar ones on both paroxetine and fluoxetine, yet I don't get the most likely side effects from venlafaxine.

    I've seen your prescribed drug used in similar situations to yours and with benifit

  • Hiya, ive been on this for years. After trying various others its the only 1 I found that agreed with me x

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