My unwelcome visitor The mouse !!

Hi friends. I am poorly with depression at moment but I know it will pass. I am having good days and bad days at moment so hopefully not long to go before I am ok. Then a mouse was in my kitchen. We don't live in countryside and I have a phobia about mice. Last night I went into kitchen and a mouse jumped out of top cupboard and onto worktop before going under fridge. My screams were ear splitting and I was shaking. My hubby said a mouse isn't going to spoil our life and put down poison and traps. I know it won't hurt me but the kitchen is a no go area.i hArdly slept last night re living the mouse experience. For Gods Sake all those poor people in Paris and here's me in a state of terror over a mouse that is more frightened of me. Any advise please love Linxx


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  • Hello Lin

    We live in the country and last year we were using traps and bait, we caught over thirty mice in the kitchen, utility room and the out buildings. What got us going was the mouse traps kept disappearing and we are still looking for them as we do not have rats in the outbuilding etc, although we do see rats running around amongst the trees and fields.

    Generally they are more frightened of us, Pax chases them when out walking, he thinks it is a game. Hazel clars the traps when she can find them so I suppose she is more brave than me.

    Put some peanut butter or/and cheese on the the traps, they run around the skirting boards so you need to put the traps where they run. Your Council can send someone to trap them for you.

    You are not unusual regards mice, most people have the same problem


  • Hi Bob, O.M.G the thought of all those in my house makes me physically sick. How are you getting on up there with all this awful weather. Keeps saying floods and gales for you. Lots of rain in Lancashire but not as bad as first said it would be. Thanks for advice. Love Lin xx

  • We had bad weather on the Western side of the Scottish Border and it cleared Saturday morning. The Environment Agency told us it was going to be bad on Saturday night so we came home. I would imagine they would have been up to their necks in it last night although we did not get any further warnings over the phone. So it looks like they have been missed, although the Lakes seem to b in a bad way.

    Today we have fog at home and the hills are either covered or part covered in clouds. Just sitting here watching everything changing

    I feel the mice will not be getting a look in today everything is soaking in the mist and fog


  • Thanks Bob for reply and glad weather isn't as bad as forecast. You are a very caring person and try and help a lot on this forum. Love from Lin x

  • The reason your traps might have disappeared BOB is that often the mouse gets caught by its tail or one paw and then drags the trap off to somewhere to try to escape. Its quite a common occurrence.

    Mice are a real problem sometimes but you will guess from my posts that I don't endorse them for the reason that they rarely kil immediately.

  • Hi Dee'

    I have had to use snap traps in the past but am reluctant to use this time, even though my phone cable has recently been chewed, as I found a trapped, live mouse which I released and it was up and away on 3 legs, left with a badly damaged front leg. I felt so cruel. My understanding was that these traps broke their neck and death was instantaneous. Not always so. I have tried the humane type without success so am considering the electric type. Although expensive, once the circuit is completed, death should be instant.

    I have also had to deal with occasional rats.

    Wish these critters would not invade our homes - as an animal lover I hate to hurt anything. Problem is they do not 'scare' away, cause damage and hygiene issues and often invite their families to join the party !

    Angela x

  • The humane trap with peanut butter always worked for me

  • Hi Lin I am the same as you and hate mice. My solution? I got a cat. I love cats and was going to get one anyway so it was no hardship :) Never seen a live mouse since. x

  • You can get humane traps that don't cut bits off the mouse. Once they are caught then you take them to a bit of waste land or indeed anywhere not your house and release.

    They work very well for any mice we get by the best detterant is a cat.


  • We use several types of trap from the spring type to humane and bait etc

    When one fails the others work etc. We find baits mostly do not work, they have become used to it. We get them falling in the pond sometimes.


  • I prefer humane traps as well. Those traps that cut bits off the mouse are disgusting.

  • Hi Lin I have brilliant advice, but don't feel like typin it, can u call me on 07816 861455 Julie

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