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Hello I'm 23 years old and I've been suffering with depression & anxiety since I was 17 years old . I'm really struggling to deal with it

As it's been years now and nothing's changed , I'm at a lost with what to do . I struggle to sleep and find it really hard socialising even with close family and friends it's ruining my life ..I dream of traveling and doing something good with my life but it's impossible when I find it hard to even get out of bed most days , :/ I've been going to the doctors for years and have lost all faith alls they seem to do is up my dose of sertaline . I'm stuck in a cocoon And I don't no who to turn to or where to get the help I need ??? I don't speak about my illness to family or friends as I find it really embarrassing . I don't no what to do anymore ! Any advice would be great , I feel like I'm the only person that could have this so it would be great to here from other sufferers an advice on how to move forward :/

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  • Hi

    Can you ask your GP to refer you to counselling as a start, then you might talk about what led to your becoming so depressed. You say it began when you were 17 - were you reasonably ok before that or did you feel low but cope. It is always hard to cope with depression but having been depressed from a young age suggests perhaps there were problems for you in your relationship with your family, you say you cannot speak with them about how you are feeling which would also suggest you imagine they may not understand, or perhaps you do not wish to worry them. Whatever the reasons, you would benefit from having someone to talk with about what has led to the feelings.


  • Thank you so much for the reply it's greatly appreciated

    We'll I kinda of no what started the problem what's I've always kept to myself and never told anyone .. But I had a wonderful childhood and teen age years up until then . I was really happy i confident and a love of life and everydays simple pleasures , it's saddens me to think of how happy I once was ... It's slowly taken away every bit of me .i never went to uni and now that seem Impossible to ever accomplish I feel like a failure in so many ways I hate myself for who I am ! I've never spoken to anyone about anything like this . So I'm sorry if im being to full on , I don't sleep I'm stuck in these 4 walls no where else to go I wake up messy headed and I never feel like me I can't find anything enjoyable anymore that's sucks :( even a walk to the shop takes all my metal energy I don't no how I can pretend anymore ...I kind of tried to tell my dad before but he said it was a faze and I'd get over over it so doesn't understand :/ I've asked the doctor a number of times to refer me but he's still not been in touch ,but he did mention a waiting list .. I've looked on

    The internet I'm so desperate to get the proper help I need . Found CBP therapy , but it's like £40 I time but if it helps im willing to try anything ... Thanks for the advice it would be great to here back from you

  • Hi

    It sounds like something happened to you which destroyed your love of life and I think it would help you to share the experience and feelings connected to it. Counselling may be more helpful than CBT. Your GP could refer you to the primary mental health care team but in our area it's also possible to self-refer - you could google mental health and your local town and should manage to find the primary care team that way - you could say your GP agreed to refer you but you've heard nothing further. In our area there is only a two week waiting time for assessment and a further few weeks before starting. You could see a private counsellor but make sure they are registered with BACP which is the national organisation.

    You say you told your dad but he didn't take it seriously and although you were happy as a child it sounds as though he isn't able to understand how you are feeling which is sad as it must leave you feeling unsupported by him. I wonder whether you have tried talking to your mum as you don't mention her. It's sad having to pretend, I wonder when you learned to do that?


  • Hi there your definitely not alone in how you feel. Depression can totally sap your energy and motivation. But you can take charge and the plus is you are . If you feel your GP doesn't listen to how bad you feel go right back to him Or her. Don't expect them to be a mind reader, it's up to you to say how good or bad you feel. That would be a start and in the interim try and see could you find

    Any Therapy that's not too expensive, your church may have one.

    Depression must be managed and as.Carebear said don't sit

    Back take action. Everyone on this Forum has been there. But

    You are young and maybe when you get to feeling better you. Could go to College. Don't feel it's the answer to everything either. You can travel too, why not?

    You need support and you will get lots here but there is no magic

    Pill, no one has a perfect life but you owe it to yourself to take

    Action now.

    Hug to you


  • Hello

    All I can suggest is to see your GP.

    Why are you feeling this way, is it to do with the environment you are in

    Is it the future that is making you depressed want

    You say you would like too travel, how old are you now. I spent 20 years bombing around the Middle East and Far East, would that help. What work do you do.

    Is there anyone you can talk to regarding your problems, if it is home related, possibly they may help yo make up your mind in what you want to do.

    As my old head teacher used too say Please explain. What is causing this problem you find yorself in

    How can we help


  • Mate, the best thing for you to do is see your GP, and get referred to CBT which I think is free under the NHS. Search IAPT. Don't feel embarrassed to talk about it with your friends and family, just remember if they seem avoidant - its because it can be an uncomfortable topic for them as well you because they may be misinformed or perhaps they don't think you're willing to talk about it, even though you are.

    Hang on buddy and seek professional help. Don't sit back and let it consume you for another year.

    Get out there and get it sorted, bro!

  • Hi Mr Care Bear how are you doing? Hope your ok too.

  • I'm a little better man, thanks for.asking. Instead of wallowing around the house after losing my job - I intend to use this time for self reflection. The folks on here have been really great and I really appreciate their support.

  • That's a good idea and take it as an opportunity

    To make a plan. Your probably In your twenties, and when

    We are young we tend to forget that we have time.

    It's a great Forum and people are never bitchy. Everyone

    Genuinely try's to help. I suppose we get to know each other in a way


  • MrCareBear, do you have a hobby? A man down the street from me takes walks through the woods and looks at trees that are freshly fallen and looks at how the vines become part of the branch and he makes walking canes and walking sticks with them. He says that it is great therapy and you are in essence cleaning up and you are not using through resources but those available and he puts some stain and some kind of clear varnish or something to help it not messy or sticky. He says that it takes him a couple of days to do each one. He sells them. on the bottom he puts like a rubbery cap on the end so it doesn't ruin floors. He sands down some of the branch/limb and just puts love into it. Maybe that will help you make some money and wallowing around your abode.... What do ya think?


  • Men get arrested for taking walks in the woods in this country! :p

  • you are some kind of goofy. I have been laughing about that comment for at least 10 much as I am crying I am laughing so least sheep didn't come up

  • Sounds like this man has it all sorted. It's a bit cold out right now for branch gathering, so I'll stick (no pun intended) to my wollowing for right now. Thanks Dana.

  • as you are as well goofy. I'll "stick" around. See I give you guys Ideas and y'all make me laugh. LOL

  • Talking to someone who understands what you're going through,who can relate to it will be a big help. It's a very lonely place to be,sharing your feelings with people who have been through or are going through the same has helped me from feeling isolated.

    Keep hanging in there,don't let it beat you. You deserve to be happy,insist you're Dr refer you for counselling and keep sharing your thoughts on here.

    G xx

  • Heya, welcome to the forum!

    Really agree with Sue's advice about counselling. I'm 26, felt depressed (though less severe than yours sounds) since about 20, I recently had counselling and it's the thing that's made the biggest difference.

    Sue is right about making sure any counsellor you see is BACP accredited. What's your income source? Some practices do low cost counselling if you're on low income/benefits. If you can't get referred through NHS of course - that I believe can be a bit of a postcode lottery as to how long you'll wait.

    Keep posting on here, this place can be a good therapy in itself if only to know you aren't alone :)


  • I am on Cymbalta and Ativan. I also take Ambien to sleep. See if any of these would work. I don't know if you guys have those there or if they're under a different name, but check with GP to see about a switch. I didn't do well with Zoloft, prozac, or any or those things. Once I was switched to Cymbalta, it seemed better. I take it twice a day @ 30mg each time and the Ativan (lorazepam). It took about a month to get everything going and I have been on Cymbalta for a while now and it is like night and day. I do, however, still have down days and sometimes what I call manic ups. on the ups...I buy and shop like stupid. and I know that I shouldn't be doing anything when I am on those kinds of ups....I don't think that it's that meds because the dr seem to think that is something completely different. Just check into these and let me know what happens.