Living on my own and having no-one to talk to

hi everyone, I ahve just found this site and it lokos amazing. I ahve recent gone through a difficult 6 months if not longer and seem to have experienced a delayed reaction to it all. This morning, after a week of calm I experienced my anxiety creeping back. It's thrown me a little as I thought it had gone. Is anxiety a re-occurring feeling noce you have expereinced it? I struggle as I live on my own and just needed someone to talk to..luckily my firend is a teacher and on half term and I was able to give her a quick required


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  • There are a couple of anxiety specific forums on Health Unlocked but depression and anxiety often go in hand. I get bouts of anxiety - mainly related to changes in hormones - so have learnt not to actually fret about it and drive myself mad trying to figure out what is causing me to feel wound up. Its not nice. I think mindfulness and mindfulness meditation and just being a) aware that I'm not my thoughts and b) that I don't have to give in to the anxiety but have the choice of focusing on other things - have really helped me ... along with recognising that its the hormones rather than anything specific.

    Have you been to see your GP at all - not all about meds these days - there are other therapies that might help - and it is quite common to suffer after a difficult period of stress as the stress can cause some chemical changes in the brain ... It's also true that anxiety and depression can be symptoms of other conditions - usually picked up with a blood test - and generally easy to treat - so worth a try if you haven't seen the GP already.

  • thankyou... i think my main worry has been not having anyone there to talk to.

  • Hi Raynbow

    I read your post and wanted to say hello. I joined thus community about 3 months or so ago and can honestly say that it is a great comminity to air your feelings of depression and anxiety. As Gambit has also said there is another community for anxiety, but as yet I've not joined it, but I may do myself now.

    Generally speaking, from my own experience the anxiety will probably always be there unfortunately as well as depression, but again like Gambit has said there are several ways to deal with it. Have you seen your doctor at all?

    I have suffered for a long time now, with depression especially, but it has got a lot worse recently since I had an operation and am unable to go anywhere or do much without assistance. This has unfortunately added to my depression as I feel very alone. I am off work still and it has been a year now, so he feeling of being alone is foremost in my mind.

    if ever you do want to have a chat about anything please feel free to message me direct, as I feel we have the loneliness issue in commom, but otherwise, posting on this site will hopefully help enormously. I have found the people on here to be wonderful and extremely supportive and have helped me through some really terrible times.

    Take care and I do hope you manage to feel a little less alone now you have found this site!

    Tracy x

  • thankyou so much... i was considering ringing samaritans... yes i have been to see gp.. and i am hoping to combat this by self-help

    today i just cant even focus on work and have loads to

  • I just feel like i am going to crack up if i dont combat this

  • i have joined

  • I am glad to hear you've seen your gp, as thats a good start. Yes the Samaritans are ther to help too. I can understand you not being able to concentrate on work, just try and do a little at a time and not push yourself too much. It'll still be there tomorrow and you may be in a better frame of mind then.

    I've not heard of meetup, so I might also take a look myself. I reqlky just would love to have a couple of good friends who could take me out if you get my meaning! I am not completely alone, as I do have a partner, but things aren't always the best there and he is not one for listening, which doesn't help, hence the loneliness. It sounds daft I know, and a lot of people would say I should be grateful, but its not alwayd as it seems to have someone.

    At any time you feel bad, get on here, message me if you want or if not just post and i can guarantee someone will respond to you. It has been my lifeline if I was to be honest!


  • hi tracy, yes i know what you mean meetup and citysocialising... if u google them they come up. it is difficult and i am also keeping a blog. its worse as the relationship which was the turmoil experience, well i work with the guy. last week, i got this sudden uplift, and was all calm, this mornin felt queasy.. probably due to a combination of things....

    i am going to do what i can at work and try and get back in control...if u send me your email, u will get an idea of what i went through.... and keeps u busy xx

  • Hi there, and welcome to the forum. It's always nice to see new members and you'll meet some lovely people here.

    As Gambit says, there's often a link between depression and anxiety. I've always assumed I'm just depressed, but the more I read here, I realise that I have anxiety issues too.

    It's good that you're exploring different ways to get better, but don't ever feel that medication is a weakness. For me, it's been a combination of meds, therapy and places like this forum that have helped me on the road to recovery.

    Loneliness is such a big contributor to feeling depressed. I throw myself into raising my children, but I'm more than aware that this is a short term fix, as one day they'll fly the nest and I won't have a contingency plan.

    Teachers are great people to confide in, we're available all day everyday for 13 weeks a year! ;)

  • Welcome to the forum. I agree with all Lucy has said so won't say too much more. But, like her meds, CBT and this forum have helped me no end.I feel like I have made so many friends on here and they have been so much support and help that I feel I have known them for years.

    Keep coming on here it will be of great help I am sure.Julie xx

  • Hi everyone, thankyou for your posts. I am finding it very difficult as i was in a relationshiip with someone i work with, and i did nothing but support him. In turn he cheated on me. So its just really horrible as my work have been so supportive which is great however, the underlying issue is at work. I feel so emotional today and i hate myself for being like this. I have to get back onto it at work. I dont want to go off sick as i am job huntingmand sickness records can affect chances of a new job. I just feel at the end of my tether...i have been feeling great for a week and these last couple of days, i just cant take it anymore.....

  • Hi Raynbow... You sound just like me... I have recently joined here for the same reason... I seem to be experiencing my symptoms again.. I too have one one to talk to... Well I sort of do but I don't talk with them. That is because I am afraid of pushing them away..another story. So being able to post on here has allowed me to open up a bit and it is good. Symptoms come and go, and it is scary when they try to return.. You think you will go right down again. I would say.. try to keep going, do something positive for your self, be gentle on yourself, take care of yourself, get some fresh air. Kick that anxiety in the butt!!! And talk.. You are not alone... Hey you're talking to me and I am talking to you.. It's good you have your teacher friend....lots of love and I hope you feel better soon... Flo

  • Hello. I do relate. I like to pet my cat lol. That's all right now.

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