would love to be able to throw a switch and just switch my emotions into reverse. wishful thinking?

what mental distraction techniques do people find work well.

some days just about anything can act as a trigger, and any thought or event can set me blubbing

Perhaps it is asking the impossible but sometimes it would be wonderful to have a switch to throw and just send the whole negative process into reverse.

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  • Hi

    I find having something given to me by someone I love really helps. If I find myself crying I turn to the thing (a card) and even though I might then cry more, it's a healthier crying of remembering being cared about and grieving rather than some more unhappy kind of crying.


  • I really find crosswords and sudoku help me.

    Also found that a meditation that involves focusing on the sensations that I'm feeling with being upset - rather than the being upset - helps me to calm down - that came as a big surprise first time I tried it.

  • I find meditation helps, reading , going for a walk. And talking to friends or family always does the trick. Good luck. Julie xx

  • I always have a jigsaw on the go. I also do crosswords and puzzels like sudoku. I used to love reading but find that quite difficult still as I lack concentration especially when I am really stressed. I have found the adult colouring quite good, although I was very skeptical at first. I also do walking,but find swimming the best thing for me. I think we all have to find out our own thing which helps.

  • thanks, guess there's no magic trick. I think I have to use a wider range of strategies, as what works one month might do nothing the next. will try the adult painting, and have got a couple of puzzle books now. Winter is always a challenge, as it always adds to the mix. The evening exercise/dance classes at the local leisure centre may help to get a routine going to have a reason not to climb into bed as soon as I get in from work.