Anyone feel they don't fir in in this world? (Possible autistic spectrum disorder)

I know some of this repeats what I've said before, as I was summarising it for another forum! Just feeling I don't belong at present.

Since Thursday I've been ringing one of the help[lines most days. It's well worthwhile keeping a list of helpline numbers etc. by your .phone.

I've been struggling for ages because of my housekeeping problem - not exactly hoarding, but things are very chaotic. I want them to be straight, but I don't want anyone else in until things are much better.

The problem with keeping pet rats is their short lifespan. I know my oldish boy, Milky Way, was going downhill last weekend. I had a vet appointment for Thursday. Unfortunately I can put water accessibly, but I can't make my pet drink! When we went to the vet, MW was really dehydrated and looked as if I'd been neglecting him - having developed a nasty skin problem as well. He was almost unconscious when he had his final injection.

On Friday one of my favourite girls was very ill. Fortunately she is responding to antibiotics. Saturday night I found a middle-aged buck dead.

As I have no family, my "small furries" are my children.

Also, my chronic pain problems are a nuisance at the moment.

Good 'pet' news last night - little almost-hairless Aslan was being introduced to three others, and it seems to be going well/ It is so funny to see him trying to make his non-existent fur stand on end.

I have had some other problems. I find it hard to handle comments from people who have never had animals, and don't understand how I feel. Also, I posted what was intended to be a humorous post on one forum to find it taken totally literally. I may have mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Asperger's, and sometimes feel I don't belong here.

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  • Hi Ann sorry about whT your going through. It's hard to explain our need and love

    For our pets to non pet lovers. Delete and ignore any unhelpful comments, people

    are supposed to help each other on these boards. Just ignore people like that. Life

    Is never perfect and you always get people who have different views.

    Would you not try and get someone in even for an hour or two to help you with

    Housekeeping. Don't be.ashamed to ask for help. Some people are great at

    Sorting out.clutter. I'm not great at that myself. But it would be. Weight of your

    Mind if you got. Bit of help. Hope your rats are doing ok too

    Look after yourself .



  • not sure if you posted in an aspergers forum, if so, what you wrote might have been taken very literally there. Lots of smiley faces, and obvious ''ha-has'' needed to be sure a joke is recognized.

    For myself people have always been confusing creatures, just don't know how the more sociable folks manage it. At the school where I work we have an old but true cliche that everyone can be placed somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

    I know that when reality takes a break I feel a lot more distant from people, kind of separated from the situation and the people around me, very much a sign that I'm headed towards a miserable patch, part and parcel of the whole thing, so do take care of yourself too if that feeling of disconnectedness accelerates.