its not a big deal

sitting on the bus someone said, I will kill you behind me, I said to them, did you say that? they said mno, I said sorry happens all

the time, do you think I should see a doctor, yeah they replied, by the way I added I smoke the other cigerettes, and I think someones out to get me.

UCLH first I called it UCH then university college london hospital then Euston hospital and now I call it kings cross.


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  • Hope you are okay - silly question on one level but hope you know what I mean.

    Not sure what is going on. Did you go to the hospital?

  • I spent last night moving a sofa from one room to another, I found some keys I lost, Im pleased because I can open and lock the windows again, I last went to university college London hospital, two weeks ago, I have discharged myself, because everything is okay, Ive been for a job interview, a café in north London, I did not get the job, tongue in cheek Im too far gone to be like the other sylvanians, my plans are work a full time job, and lead a bit of a junk lifestyle, cheers. cheers.

  • Hope it works out for you

  • How are you feeling now?

    holly x

  • everything is okay, cheers. I am a well meaning man, but no one wants compassion or well meaning, if I see someone I think needs help, I cant help, because even if what I tell them is right, they don't want me to tell them, Im telling them because Im selfish, or a control freak, theres no such thing as a role model, there never was, recently my health has improved, I have realised for a long time, the people around me have not helped me, and they should have done, it seems strange to me, because if my own relative or someone I had to supervise was in a similar fix, I would explain, no doubt about it, what I have now is status quo, and it feels really good, because Ive been bullied my whole life,

  • Life's hard when we've been bullied, quite small things can seem huge and open up all the feelings again. Don't worry about imagining people saying things, it's just the way you are coping at the time. Take care of yourself and do no harm to others, nothing else matters beyond that. People often should have helped, sometimes they don't know how to and sometimes they can't because of their own problems and fears. Most people are well intentioned, some and downright mean but when they are usually they have been bullied by life events and are not in touch with their feelings. I'm glad you are finding things better now.


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