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Had my interview yesterday. The girls that did the interview were nice. The maths test went well i think. Just they asked about my experience with Excel. I had to try and blag my way around that one as ive never used it in a job. However I can use SPSS (a psychological stats based analysis softwear) and Ive learnt to use in house systems in my old job but I feel that will let me down and I wont get the job because of this.

I found another fantastic job today but that asks for experience in excel too...its so frustraiting.

Went out and got quite drunk with a mate of mine last being drunk = doing stupid things. Ive never had a lad mate that hasnt tried it on. Its so annoying.

Been in bed most of today as not well zoe flu (so a bit of a cold).

Must get to my dissertation....feeling the pressure

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  • I'm sure if you're the right person for the job (which i'm sure you are), they can incorporate training in Excel for you somewhere! Glad it went well, though!

    How are the surveys going for the dissertation? I must say, I enjoyed doing it!

    As for the lads trying it on - you are a very pretty girl. But tell them to **** off! X

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