So many appointments! So much to do!

Last week and this week seem like one continuous appointment! This afternoon I have my diabetes eye-screening. I know from last time that the drops sting like mad and I can't see properly for ages afterwards. GP next week, and book a series of regular blood tests as I've been put on azathioprine!

My pain is being a nuisance at the moment, and I have so much to do. I feel so ashamed of myself for having let my house get so untidy, and I must do a lot of work on it. I also need to clean all the rat cages and do another introduction. They are lovely pets, but their short lifespan makes things very hard. I'm taking a break from regular showing - I found the travelling and expense difficult, some of my rats didn't like it and the ones who were of good enough quality to show are now too old.

Mood-wise I'm certainly improving..

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  • Sorry to hear about the diabetes. Know the drops are a pain but there is so much that can go wrong with the eyes in diabetes. My mother has very bad macular degeneration as a result of her diabetes (and high blood pressure).

    Hope it goes well ... and that you don't end up overwhelmed by the house.

  • Because of how ive been feeling lately ive been letting things pile up and i could face dealing with letters (i have no idea why) but the other day because time was running out for one thing i sat and did about 5 things, it was stressful but i did it! now as a result of doing them its produced more things which i need to do but i have so many appointments next week and its stressing me out to think about but i try to thursday ill have completed all my appointments and what not to it will all be over and i can relax.

    Could you do that? is there a day where you know your appointments will have finished?

    People always tell me not to focus on the whole picture and break it down into bits...i find this hard but thought i would suggest it :)

    big hugs

    Zoe x

  • Thank you. My appointments are over now. I'm still feeling very low - another of my lovely rats died ;in suspicious circumstances' yesterday - possibly a dispute in the cage.

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