Tuesday again

So Thursday at four o clock I booked to go away and by five we had left the house really liked being away and seemed to have a bit more get up and go yesterday so much so I thought I would do a bit of gardening. . .. Bad idea as was only out there for about an hour (garden looks much better) and I am in agony with my back. . . Ended up on painkillers last nite and still paying for it today :-(

I've got my counselling session booked for next Tuesday morning and docs next wed.

Meds must be kicking in as can start to see ahead although still feeling numb. . . Not really excited or dreading the councilling or docs which I guess is a good thing. . . .


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2 Replies

  • It is a good thing. I've got counsellor and docs on consecutive days next week, too. It's a lot of emotion in a short space of time, isn't it? Great the the garden's looking better but pants about your back. Hope it starts to feel better soon x

  • Couldn't agree more than with Suzie's comments. Great about the garden, bad about the back. I know the feeling. Isn't the weather great though. Hope the counselling goes well. I've got therapy tomorrow, more smiles. Suexx

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