Fed up again!

I'm sitting here balling my eyes out - again! Up to 15 minutes ago I was in a happy mood, that is until I got home. My next door neighbour has left a note saying that I have parked too close to her and I scratched her precious car this morning. I am so sure I did not but she has a witness so I am stuck! She is demanding that I give my insurance details to her. That would mean I have to pay out £350 excess. I have no money. I am in debt up to my eyeballs and the thought of not earning money for 2 months just scares me. I am self-employed and nobody wants music lessons during the summer. Money doesn't start coming in until middle of September. So the money I get this week and next has to last me to then.

I have got bailiffs knocking on my door, I can't pay the inland revenue and as for credit cards... I know there's citizens advice but everything is in such a mess I can't sort anything out. I just want to disappear.

Why is it when I get my act together and start feeling positive something comes out of the blue and knocks me for 6? Its almost like someone out there enjoying me suffer.

I know it seems reasonable to talk to the cow next door but she is a real spoilt princess and I have heard her have so many arguments or screaming matches with her various partners at all times day and night I haven't got the guts to confront her.

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  • If you don't think you scratched her car, don't accept liability. If it's been scratched badly enough to warrant going through the insurance companies, you'd expect to see some evidence of trauma to your car. Have a look. Take photos of your car, checking along the edge of your door for damage to the paintwork. If she can prove you have scratched it and you accept that it might be true, offer to make an arrangement between the two of you to have it repaired.

    You don't need citizens advice to make arrangements for bills that you cannot pay. What you need to do is this. Find out the exact balance you owe. Split it between 60 payments. Write to the company stating that you are unable to maintain the agreement, you would like the interest frozen and that you intend to pay X amount each month. They will reply and say it not possible, but just ignore it. Just keep paying them the same amount each month and there's nothing they can do about it.

    Let Princess next door sweat it out for the weekend. You're not obliged to go and knock her door today. Wait until Monday and put a note through hers stating that you will be seeking advice on how best to proceed.

    It's awful when things seem to be going well and suddenly everything caves in around you. I had it happen to me when it one weekend I had a problem with my car, a leak in my bathroom and my phone got cut off. I can pay one of your bills if you like? Just PM me the details x

  • Suzie what a lovely kind gesture you've made to Trachett.

    Jackie :) xx

  • Thanyou for being so sensible. The reason I parked so close to her precious sports car was that when I came back from teaching last night there was nowhere else to park! I have passed by advanced driving test and can park extremely well. My advanced driving instructor couldn't believe how well I could get into a small space.

    A pupil this morning told me his mum is getting annoyed with him as he is playing the piano so much! This is from a kid who was a pain and refused to do any work for the last 2 years.

    Thanks for the offer of help but I will muddle through some how. In the staffroom today they were talking about coaching in maths and English and it sounded quite profitable. I will look into it.

    Hope you have a good weekend


  • Lots of money to be made there! I charge £20 an hour for maths tutoring and apparently that's quite cheap!

  • I thought I'd written a reply but maybe I didn't. I'm just about to try and get some sleep.zzz How do you go about getting victims, oops I mean pupils to tutor?

  • Oh they're definitely victims where I'm involved! I'm a teacher so it tends to be requests from parents or word of mouth from colleagues. In the past I've put signs up in Tesco or an ad in the local paper. You could also try the buy and sell pages on Facebook, although I'm not sure if you're allowed to advertise services? Good luck with it and give me a shout if I can be of any more help x

  • hi just a thought i had debt to but cab can help you with a debt relief order which will keep some of the bailifs away from your door you have a one of payment of 90.00 for court fees i think ( not to sure how it worked as i was very poorly at the time and had an advocate from mental health helping me) but i dont need to worry bout bailiffs at door may not be route u would want to take but was just a thought ..made me feel like i had a weight lifted of my shoulders.... xx

  • Thanks very much for your ideas when I feel a bit more with it on Monday. xxx

  • We're you from

  • Pay plan optiouns pay ment cards aslong as thers a 1£ for your creditors they will be off your bk. Budgit plans turn everythin off at night evan gas lock every wear up. Plenty of warm kwilts. Tht 90 pound thing ther that's bankrupt frew apperence in court an youv got to pay 30 an a year later go back an crush the rest for 15. Apply for communerty officers. Suport theropey recovery workers. A housin socsaul worker

  • Chek your naighers winndows for camras. Ask time days footige an if its a line sum1 keyed her car then just tell her fukc you by

  • I am also in debt but now have a debt management plan in place and it is gradually reducing and I am so much happier and can focus on my mental health care. It is daunting dealing with it and I put it off for so long my debts were serious and I felt trapped by it all. I eventually contacted Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who were fantastic and took all the paperwork away and worked with me to create a realistic budget and they dealt with all my creditors. they had a letter from my doctor about my mental health problems and this really helped.

    Apart from CAP there are two debt charities that will also help you - Stepchange and Payplan. There is lots of information and help and support like this one on the moneysavingexpert website and forum.

    I am also teacher and have same problem as you. I hope to have some summer school work but it is looking like I may be "resting" in August so I am going to use that time to sort out my flat and do some creative writing whilst living in lentils!

    Take care


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